Lemont High School Facilities

Lemont High School District 210 respects the partnerships it has built with each community organization that uses its facilities. District 210 appreciates the opportunity to have built these facilities, and to provide them to its partners in the community.

There are significant ongoing costs to provide the benefit of the school's facilities to the Lemont community, including general upkeep, repair, and over time, the complete replacement of fields, equipment and other facilities. Usage costs, such as utilities and personnel, also place a burden on District 210.

The fees associated with renting District 210's facilities reflect the standards established by other area high schools. All users - except Lemont High School organizations or those with intergovernmental contracts with the district - will be charged a facility usage fee. This fee is administered whether the facility is being used by an organization for practice or competition, and regardless of whether or not the organization charges an entrance fee to the event.

The cumulative costs borne by an organization that uses District 210's facilities will vary based on the number of times it uses the district's facilities.

On the right side of the page, please find the following updated documents:
  • Facility Usage Agreement
  • Facility Usage Rental Categories
  • Facility and Personnel Charges
  • Facility Usage Contract (Sample)
  • Facility Usage Request Application
These documents are effective January 1, 2012.

To submit an application to use a Lemont High School District 210 facility, please download the 'Facility Usage Request Application" and complete the necessary steps.

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