School Profile

Each year, Lemont High School develops a "school profile," which provides detailed information about the school's academic program. While this document is intended for college admissions departments and scholarship committees, the information included also may be of interest to parents of future Lemont High School students, as well as parents who are considering moving to the Lemont area.

Below, please find links to the school profiles for the past several years. Please note that the current year's document is listed first.

2018-19 School Year - Current 

2017-18 School Year

2016-17 School Year

2015-16 School Year

2014-15 School Year

2013-14 School Year

2012-13 School Year

2011-12 School Year

2010-11 School Year*

2009-10 School Year*

2008-09 School Year*

* - The documents associated with these links indicate that the profile is from the previous year (i.e., a recap of the previous year). However, the documents are the ones that were used in the years noted within the link.

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