Parking Permit Application

Limited parking is available for Lemont High School students in the following areas: Parking Garage (seniors only), East Lot, North Lot, PAC Lot, South Lot (Upper), and West Lot. Below, please click the link for a description of the locations of these lots.

Parking Lot Locations

The school's Parking Committee - which consists of students, parents/guardians, school administrators and a Lemont Police Department representative - meets annually to discuss issues related to student parking.

All applications must be submitted by the date designated on the application. This may be done in person by returning the information to the PPS Office. Students also may mail the information to the school to the individual designated on the application.

All juniors, as well as seniors who choose the "General" option, may park in the student sections of all lots except for the Parking Garage on a first come, first served basis each day. Seniors who choose the Parking Garage option may park in the student sections of the Parking Garage. If the school has more applicants for the Parking Garage than there are available spots, permits will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.
Students who submit the application and all required materials by the date designated on the application will be eligible to pick up their parking permits at Registration Processing Day. Only those personal vehicles with approved Lemont High School parking stickers are allowed to park in the school's lots beginning on the first day of school.

Students must always park in the designated “Student” sections within the available lots.

Parking is a privilege, and with that privilege comes responsibility. The school's parking regulations and expectations for personal vehicles are available on the right side of the page. Students who are interested in receiving a parking permit must read this information.

In order to apply for a parking permit, a student must submit a completed application and a copy of his/her driver's license and a valid insurance card, and pay a non-refundable $100 permit fee.

All of a student’s fees – including academic and extra-curricular fees, both from the current year and previous years – must be paid in full for the student to receive a parking sticker. A student’s parking privileges may be suspended during the year if he/she has an unpaid fee balance.

Students who wish to apply for a permit during after the first day of school should complete the application and return it in person to the PPS Office.

Parents/guardians or students who have questions about submitting an application for a parking permit should contact Dean's Secretary Kathie Vabalaitis at (630) 243-3219, or via e-mail by clicking on her name.


Personal Vehicle Expectations

Parking Regulations

Parking Permit Application
(available Summer 2019)

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