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While providing fair, constructive and critical assessments of students’ work, the Lemont High School English Department believes students should develop the following characteristics:
• Competence in language skills commensurate with ability
• Understanding of significant concepts and ideas pertinent to successful use of oral and written language, as well as to successful interpretation of traditional and visual texts
• Appreciation for written and spoken discourse and their various subordinate elements
• Competence in the utilization of higher order thinking skills as they relate to various language studies, especially synthesis, analysis, interpretation and problem solving
• Effective use of digital sources to research, communicate and compose

Courses offered within the English curriculum help students develop competence in oral and written language skills, which leads to successful reading and interpretation of fiction and non-fiction tests. Additionally, students learn to utilize higher order thinking skills, specifically synthesis, analysis, interpretation and problem solving.

Based on their abilities and course level, students shall:
• Express themselves effectively and clearly in written and spoken discourse that is rich, authentic, meaningful and varied
• Interpret and evaluate written and spoken discourse
• Utilize primary and secondary resources within the research process
• Identify various cultures expressed in literature and explain their influence on literature
• Collaborate effectively within group settings

Grading Standards: Student grades are standards-based and a combination of performance in the areas of reading, writing, language, speaking and listening. Grades are determined based on a student’s performance in composition, classroom participation, and on the final examination. Students enrolled in an Honors English course must attend from two to four Great Books sessions; the required number of sessions is determined in part by the length and complexity of texts studied. Great Books sessions are held either before or after school throughout the course of the year, and students are assessed on their preparation, participation and reflection.

Departmental Late Work Policy for Excused Absences 
Minor Work (i.e., journals, homework, daily work, vocabulary exercises) – Accepted for 50 percent of total points until the end of a unit or a select section of the unit. No late work is accepted after the end of a unit of study, work has been corrected in class, or graded papers have been given back to the class.
Major Work (i.e., tests, quizzes, research paper, projects, essays, presentations, speeches) – Docked 10 percent of the total amount of points for each class period past the due date.
• Long-term assignments for which the due date is known well in advance will be considered late from the due date, and points will be docked for each school attendance day until the work is submitted. 

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Armbrecht, Sara English Teacher 630-243-3806 
Cannon, Mark English Chair 630-243-3253 
Clark, Sean English Teacher 630-243-3835 
DeGuzman, Jon English Teacher 630-243-3878 
Dron, Marek English Teacher 630-243-3947 
Duensing, Angela English Teacher 630-243-3858 
Forde, Cara English Teacher 630-243-3854 
Henderson, Sandra English Teacher 630-243-3841 
Holl, Colleen English/Special Education Teacher 630-243-3868 
Kupchek, Kathryn English Teacher 630-243-3856 
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