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The Lemont High School Art Department believes students should develop the following characteristics:
 • Competence in the use of various tools and art media
 • Appreciation of aesthetic values in productive, critical/evaluative and historical areas of art
 • Understanding of the basic elements of design and art principles
 • Understanding of individuality, creativity and capabilities of self

Courses offered within the Art curriculum provide varied experiences in art media, which inspires the development of creativity and challenges students to solve problems and express themselves visually through various media.

Based on their abilities and course level, students shall:
 • Demonstrate technical skills to execute drawing, printmaking, ceramics, painting, photography, sculpture and computer graphics
 • Critique works of art by using a frame of reference based upon knowledge of the influence of artists and their work throughout history
 • Utilize the basic elements of design and art principles in mastery to complete original compositions
 • Utilize past and present art experiences to create new and exciting studio projects and to create original works from written and verbal cues
 • Analyze, select and critique personal artwork for a collection or portfolio presentation
 • Evaluate, justify and present choices in the process of analyzing, selecting, curating and presenting artwork for a specific exhibit

Grading Standards: Student grades are determined by averaging the letter grades for projects and sketchbooks with letter grades for tests and exams. Letter grades for projects and sketchbooks are subjective, based on how well the student completes the assignment, creative individuality and craftsmanship. Letter grades for tests and exams reflect the student’s knowledge of historical facts and technical terms.


The Lemont High School Music Department believes students should explore their individual musical abilities, satisfy their artistic desires and develop the following characteristics:
 • Thinking, feeling and acting creatively with music
 • Respect for music as art and an integral part of life
 • Appreciation for skilled musical performances from varied styles and from various periods
 • Knowledge of music resources
 • Critical analysis regarding the personal worth of music
 • Knowledge about the influence of music throughout history

Courses offered within the Music curriculum provide various experiences of music observation and appreciation, instruction in techniques and artistry in either playing an instrument or vocal performance, and opportunities for practice and performance.

Based on their abilities and course level, students shall:
 • Demonstrate technical skills required to sing or play an instrument correctly
 • Participate in school and out-of-school rehearsals and performances of various choirs and bands
 • Demonstrate skill in singing techniques pertaining to rhythm, counting and reading music
 • Demonstrate skill in musicianship in phrasing, terminology, sight-reading and interpretation of music
 • Critique music and performance in a constructive manner, using a frame of reference consisting of knowledge about influential musicians and their history

Grading Standards: Student grades provide feedback and encouragement for students involved in any of the department’s programs. The evaluation of students’ efforts and the measurement of their participation should provide opportunities for students to continue to excel in musical studies, performances, or other forms of musical expression. As all students enter the music area’s performance-based courses with a unique baseline ability, growth is strongly favored in grading, while the standards and procedures involved in attainment (performance) are modified in ability-based situations. Music area courses are conducted with the “whole” student in mind; opportunities for leadership, independence, responsibility, time management and social adaptation growth are at the core of curriculum, and in turn, grading. Wherever possible, attainment-based grading falls in line with state and regional level rubrics and performance expectations. While attendance and meaningful participation are part of every course, individual and group growth and achievement also are assigned grades.

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Cesaroni, Stephanie Music Teacher/PAC Manager 630-243-3216 
Doherty, Matt Music Teacher/Assistant Activities Director 630-243-3298 
Hall, Jennifer Substitute Art Teacher 630-243-3881 
Hennebry, Ryan Art Teacher 630-243-3816 
Idell, Megan Art Teacher 630-243-3831 
Nommensen, Dave Fine Arts Chair 630-243-3214 
Wing, Laina Art Teacher 630-243-3836 

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