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You may have heard that we had some unexpected ā€“ and certainly, unwanted ā€“ excitement a couple of weeks ago. Iā€™m happy to report that Lemont High School is back to its regular state ā€“ dry, and free from flooding. Our faculty, staff and students smoothly dealt with any inconveniences. and the days after the flood included the same quality instruction that is the norm at Lemont High School. Read More
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Physical Education, Health & Driver Education

The Lemont High School Physical Education Department believes that students should develop the following characteristics:
• Understanding of how physical fitness, sport and lifetime activity leads to overall wellness
• Dedication to demonstrating sportsmanship
• Sense of self discipline
• Understanding of the importance of developing and maintaining a healthy level of overall physical fitness

Courses offered within the Physical Education curriculum provide students with activities that support the importance of physical and social potential, leading to a healthier and more productive life. The department is comprised of courses in Physical Education, Health and Driver Education.

Students are expected to:
• Dress in school uniform for each class (to promote consistency, school pride, self discipline and hygiene)
• Participate to the best of their abilities in class activities
• Demonstrate sportsmanship and cooperation in class activities
• Master concepts related to activity, including knowledge of rules and objectives
• Bring their elastic heart monitor strap to class daily and understand the training benefits that a heart rate monitor affords

Grading Standards: Student grades are determined based on their performance on specific physical education activities, cardiovascular conditioning and written tests. Students are expected to put forth their best effort - regardless of ability or talent - while also working outside of class to improve their fitness scores and receiving daily grades for their participation. Students who are not in uniform eight times in a semester fail the course. New tattoos or piercings are not valid medical reasons for not participating in class. All courses are applied towards students’ cumulative grade point averages.

NameAscending SortJob TitlePhoneContact
Bozue, Bill Physical Education/Health/Driver Education Chair 630-243-3203 
Coneset, John Physical Education Teacher 630-243-3209 
DeLude, Cindy Physical Education Teacher 630-243-3803 
Finnegan, Deb Athletics/Activities Administrative Assistant 630-243-3207 
Howell, John Driver Ed Coordinator/Physical Education Teacher 630-243-3828 
Kooi, Bret Physical Education Teacher 630-243-3875 
LaBarbera, Dave Physical Education/Driver Education Teacher 630-243-3810 
St. Clair, John Physical Education Teacher/Asst. Athletic Director 630-243-3958 
Storako, Brian Physical Education Teacher 630-243-3988 
Traina, Chris Driver Education Teacher 630-243-3834 
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