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Graduation Requirements

Lemont High School students are encouraged to plan their courses of study carefully. Many post-secondary institutions have specific requirements that students must meet in order to gain admission.

Students are required to accumulate 26 credits in order to graduate from Lemont High School. One-half credit is earned upon successful completion of a subject that meets for one semester. The successful completion of a course that meets for a full year is worth one credit. There are some exceptions to this general rule.

Specific requirements within subject clusters are required among the 26 credits.

Required Credits by Subject

Classification of Students

Required Credits by Subject

COMMUNICATIONS - 6.0 credits
Required: English I (1.0), English II (1.0), English III (1.0), English IV (1.0), Communications (0.5) and 1.5 credits of electives

SOCIAL/CULTURAL - 4.5 credits
Required: Cultural Geography (1.0), U.S. History (1.0), American Government (0.5), American Problems (0.5), Consumer Education or equivalent (0.5) and 1.0 credits of electives

Required: Mathematics* (3.0), Science (2.0), Business & Technology Concepts (0.5) and 2.5 credits of electives
(* - Students are required to complete one course with Geometry content and one with Algebra I content)

CREATIVE - 2.0 credits
Required: 2.0 credits of electives

HEALTH AND LEISURE - 4.5 credits
Required: Physical Education (4.0 credits - 3.5 for early graduates), Health (0.5), Driver Education (0.5)

PERSONAL CREDIT - 0.5 credits
Required: Service project, apprenticeship or independent study (0.5)

OTHER ELECTIVES - 0.5 credits

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Classification of Students

Lemont High School students must obtain a minimum number of necessary credits in particular courses in order to receive sophomore, junior or senior classification.

Academic achievement is the school’s most important goal, and it strives to ensure that students are properly prepared to sit for the PSAE Exam as second-semester juniors. Enrollment in Driver Education, parking privileges, sitting for the PSAE Exam and attending Prom independently, among other privileges, are contingent upon a student’s classification. This process encourages students to seek academic success sooner in their careers.

For students who fall behind, there are a number of opportunities to recover credits, including independent work with the NovaNet system; enrollment in the Freshman, Sophomore or Junior/Senior Academies or Academic Mastery Program; American School or other correspondence courses; or enrollment in a Summer School Program.

Sophomore Classification

In order to be classified as a sophomore, students must have completed 6.5 total credits, including 1.0 credits in Mathematics, 1.0 credits in English (Freshman) and 1.0 credits in Science (Integrated Science or Biology Honors).

Junior Classification

In order to be classified as a junior, students must have completed 13.0 total credits, including 2.0 credits in Mathematics, 2.0 credits in English (Freshman, Sophomore) and 2.0 credits in Science (including Integrated Science or Biology Honors).

Junior Classification - sit for PSAE

In order to be administered the PSAE Exam, students must have completed 16.0 total credits, including those defined as requirements to be classified as a junior.

Senior Classification

In order to be classified as a senior, students must have completed 19.5 total credits, including 3.0 credits in Mathematics, 3.0 credits in English (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior) and 2.0 credits in Science (including Integrated Science or Biology Honors).

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