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Academic Integrity Practices

Lemont High School believes in academic success achieved solely by demonstrating integrity, honesty and ethical behaviors in all academic pursuits. This is accomplished through the cooperation of students, parents/guardians and teachers.

Students are expected to conduct themselves according to classroom expectations and school rules, and to perform in a manner that reflects their knowledge and integrity.

As partners in the educational process, parents/guardians are asked to support the school's Academic Integrity Practices and its enforcement of those practices.

Teachers are expected to carry out their instructional responsibilities in such a manner as to minimize the potential for dishonesty, and to be fair and consistent in the implementation of consequences for cheating.


Cheating occurs when a student obtains, or assists others in obtaining, credit for work that is not his/her own, whether it is accessed orally, in writing, graphically or electronically.

Plagiarizing is the unauthorized use of another person’s work, idea or language without due credit. Plagiarism includes word-for-word copying, copying of ideas and/or key words, copying specific words and phrases (here and there), not citing a source of information, or using falsified information.

Forgery/proxy is the use of an alternate or “stand in” during an assessment, or forgery of signatures for the purpose of academic advantage.

Cooperative learning is a recognized instructional practice. When this practice is acceptable to the teacher for a project or assignment, he/she must clearly explain this expectation to students. If not clearly delineated as approved, the copying of homework, papers, tests, quizzes, reports, etc. will be considered instances of cheating.

Consequences for Academic Dishonesty

LEVEL 1 - This level is characterized by cheating or plagiarizing on minor assignments.
  • Daily work
  • Homework
Level 1 Consequences
  • Zero on assignment
  • Note placed on assignment comment in Skyward Gradebook
  • Academic integrity report is recorded in Skyward
  • Potential exclusion or dismissal from National Honor Society
LEVEL 2 - This level is characterized by cheating or plagiarizing on major assignments that include, but are not limited to:
  • Quiz
  • Essay or major writing assignment
  • Unit test
  • Fitness test
  • Presentation
  • Project
  • Artwork or craft
  • Semester exam
  • Repeated Level 1 behavior
Level 2 Consequences
  • All Level 1 consequences
  • Phone call
  • Counselor intervention
LEVEL 3 - This level is characterized as a combination of an academic violation (cheating, plagiarizing or forgery) and a disciplinary violation as defined by the school's disciplinary code of conduct.
  • Stealing of tests, answer keys or materials
  • Distribution of tests, answer keys or materials
  • Altering grades
  • Profiting from assisting another student to commit an act of cheating
Level 3 Consequences
  • Level 1 consequences
  • Level 2 consequences
  • Meeting with Department Chair or Administrator
  • Referral to the Dean with disciplinary consequences
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