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District 210 Board of Ed receives tech update from Student Services Department


Student Services Chair Denise Dalton (left) was joined by dean Brent Gagnon and counselor Stephanie Bushnell for a presentation on technology and the Student Services Department.

At its November 19 meeting, the Lemont High School District 210 Board of Education received an update on how the Student Services Department utilizes technology to benefit students. This was the seventh in a series of presentations to the Board of Education by Lemont High School’s academic departments, dating back to the 2017-18 school year.

Student Services Chair Denise Dalton was joined by counselor Stephanie Bushnell and dean Brent Gagnon for the presentation. A variety of topics were covered including the new tardy kiosk; online resources for students, including the Illinois Career Information System; the impact of technology on the Dean’s Office; and non-tech related ways the Student Services Department is using to influence the school’s climate and culture.

A common theme of the departmental presentations to the Board of Education is discussing how the activity relates to the seven International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Students. These standards include Empowered Learner, Digital Citizen, Knowledge Constructor, Innovative Designer, Computational Thinker, Creative Communicator and Global Collaborator. Each presentation typically touches on several ISTE Standards for Students.

After years of careful planning and thoughtful preparation, Lemont High School’s 1:1 teaching and learning program - LNS@LHS - was fully implemented beginning with the 2017-18 school year. Each Lemont High School student is issued a Chromebook, enhancing academic opportunities across the school’s curriculum. A 1:1 teaching and learning environment prepares Lemont High School students to thrive in a digitally interconnected world where learning never stops.

In this teaching and learning environment, students use digital technologies and social media as tools for organization, communication, research and problem solving; exercise digital citizenship as they leverage technology to access, evaluate, use and manage information; and facilitate collaboration, creativity and innovation through personalized, student-centered learning experiences.

Click here for more information on the LNS@LHS program 

Previous presentations to the Board of Education have included:

Science Department (October 2017): Science Chair Scott Collins was accompanied by students Ashley Herce, Jennifer Martinez and Isabella Pirie, as they guided members of the Board of Education through a classroom lesson on digital collaboration.

Fine Arts Department (November 2017): Students Natalie Hartl and Joe Storti discussed how students are using technology in music courses, while Robyn Kraft and Julia Popper did the same for art classes. They were supported by art teachers Ryan Hennebry and Megan Idell, music teacher Stephanie Cesaroni, and Fine Arts Chair Dave Nommensen.

World Languages Department (December 2017): Students Ryan Freitag and Anna Musarevski joined German teacher Peter Blank, French teacher Mark Wojnar and World Languages Chair Christie Klingsporn to demonstrate how World Languages students are utilizing Flipgrid to collaborate and improve their speaking skills in their target languages.

Social Studies Department (February 2018): Social Studies Chair Rick Prangen brought along a number of students and teachers to illustrate how instruction and assessment in a variety of classes is changing thanks to the use of educational applications. Teachers Jodi Nye and Justin Weidler had a hand from a number of students, including Alexandra Galica, Lily Hinkle, Laura Jazunas, Kirsten Kash, Arjun Reddigari, Leti Salazar, Easton Tally and Genna Yavaraski.

Physical Education Department (March 2018): Physical Education, Health and Driver Education Chair John Coneset led a presentation illustrating how the use of polar heart rate monitors and associated educational applications are enhancing student fitness. Coneset was joined by teachers Tracy Rainey and Brian Storako and student Bella Bercher.

Mathematics Department (October 2018): Mathematics Chair Kathy Young began the presentation, which focused on how the Desmos app benefits students. She handed it over to teachers Lauren Panek and Abbey Scupin, while students Joey Cantone, Anna Goranski, Kirsten Kash, Joe Tomecki and Vir Patel assisted members of the Board of Education with the app.

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