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District 210 Board of Ed receives tech update from English Department


Members of Lemont High School's English Department joined with several students in the department's presentation to the Board of Education.

At its February 19 meeting, the Lemont High School District 210 Board of Education received an update on how the English Department utilizes technology to benefit students. This was the ninth in a series of presentations to the Board of Education by Lemont High School’s academic departments, dating back to the 2017-18 school year.

English Chair Mark Cannon was joined by teachers Angie Duensing and Phil Lazzari, senior Jordyn Smith, juniors Abbey Ascolani, Lea Gaetto and Cameron Nagel, and sophomores Michael Haughey and Nour Longi. They discussed various programs that allow students to enhance their instruction in English.

A common theme of the departmental presentations to the Board of Education is discussing how the activity relates to the seven International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Students. These standards include Empowered Learner, Digital Citizen, Knowledge Constructor, Innovative Designer, Computational Thinker, Creative Communicator and Global Collaborator. Each presentation typically touches on several ISTE Standards for Students.

After years of careful planning and thoughtful preparation, Lemont High School’s 1:1 teaching and learning program - LNS@LHS - was fully implemented beginning with the 2017-18 school year. Each Lemont High School student is issued a Chromebook, enhancing academic opportunities across the school’s curriculum. A 1:1 teaching and learning environment prepares Lemont High School students to thrive in a digitally interconnected world where learning never stops.

In this teaching and learning environment, students use digital technologies and social media as tools for organization, communication, research and problem solving; exercise digital citizenship as they leverage technology to access, evaluate, use and manage information; and facilitate collaboration, creativity and innovation through personalized, student-centered learning experiences.

Click here for more information on the LNS@LHS program 

Review of previous Board of Education presentations

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