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Lemont High School to pilot an eLearning Day on April 29


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Lemont High School will pilot an "eLearning Day" on Monday, April 29. This day also still will serve as a Teacher Institute Day for the school's faculty and staff.

April 29 originally was scheduled as a non-attendance day for students. During the eLearning Day pilot, students will not attend classes on campus but instead will be engaged in timely and meaningful “virtual” learning. Faculty and staff still will participate in Institute Day activities, and students will engage in eLearning activities designed by their teachers.

Utilizing April 29 as an eLearning Day - and thus, gaining back one day of student attendance that was lost due to inclement weather this winter - will allow for the final day of student attendance for all students to be Friday, May 24.

Here are some questions and answers about the April 29 eLearning Day.

Why an eLearning Day?
Piloting an "eLearning Day" will provide valuable information for school administrators as they consider whether to utilize such days in the future for inclement weather days. The State of Illinois has granted school districts flexibility this year in terms of implementing eLearning Days, so… we’re giving it a shot! School administrators have observed what some school districts already have done in association with eLearning Days, learning what worked well and what did not work so well for those districts, and have put together a plan they believe is the best course of action for students and faculty.

What type of day will the eLearning Day be - Blue Day or Gold Day?
The eLearning Day on April 29 will be a Blue Day in terms of student attendance. With Friday, April 26, also scheduled as a Blue Day, teachers will be able to set up eLearning Day assignments with their students in advance and answer any questions students may have.

What will students have to do on eLearning Day?
Students will access assignments through Google Classroom, just as they would while present in school. Lessons and assignments will be posted on Friday, April 26.

How will attendance be taken?
Students will be required to complete the Google Attendance Form for each of their classes by 1 p.m. on April 29. This is a regular school day. If students do not sign in to Google Classroom and complete the Attendance Form for each of their classes, they will be marked absent for those class periods.

Students who are “absent” for the eLearning Day should contact their teachers to discuss the due date for the make-up work.

What type of assignment will students be required to complete?
Assignments on eLearning Day will be a meaningful part of the curriculum for each class and move students forward in the curriculum. Assignment types could vary, but may include online discussion boards, written assignments, or projects or assignments already underway in their courses.

When will the eLearning Day assignment be due?
The earliest that eLearning Day assignments will be due is Wednesday, May 1. Students may, of course, complete the assignment on April 29.

Won’t this be a drag for students who are attending Prom?
Not really. Students may complete the necessary work ahead of Monday, April 29. If they do so, their only responsibility on that day will be to check in to their classes via Google Classroom by 1 p.m. Students may do this from their Chromebooks, their phones, or a desktop computer.

What if Internet access is an issue or there are Chromebook-related problems?
The CITGO Innovation Academy will be open from 1-3:30 p.m. for any students who do not have Internet access at home and need to access the school’s WiFi. Several locations in the community offer free WiFi access as well. The Help Desk will be open from 1-2:30 p.m. for students who need technical assistance. The Help Desk may be reached at (630) 243-7902.

Can students work on their eLearning Day assignments offline?
Yes. If students will not have Internet access at home or be in a public place with WiFi on April 29, students may download the assignment in advance and utilize the “work offline” option in Google Drive.

Will teachers be available to answer questions?
Yes. After completing their scheduled Institute Day activities, teachers will be available via e-mail or an online group chat from 12:30-2:37 p.m. Additional personnel (counselors, social workers, psychologists, speech pathologists, CITGO Innovation Academy staff) also will be available via e-mail during that time. Students should not expect an immediate response to an e-mail message, as teachers may be assisting other students.

Suppose a student is stuck on an assignment and needs the teacher’s help…
Students who cannot continue an assignment without a teacher’s assistance either should work on an assignment for another class until receiving a response from the teacher, consult with a classmate, or seek a solution through Web-based research.

How does an eLearning Day impact students with IEPs/504 plans?
For students with IEPs and 504 plans, the accommodations built into those plans will apply to eLearning assignments. For some students, a paper or hands-on assignment may be more appropriate based on their IEPs. Alternative assignments may be substituted related to IEP goals. Plans and expectations of parents/guardians will be clearly communicated by the classroom teacher for students with more severe disabilities. Students who have direct related services (OT, PT, Speech, etc) on an eLearning Day will need to make up those minutes on another day if an appropriate assignment is not possible. For some students, the Extended School Year time may be used to make up services missed the eLearning Day. Students or parents/guardians with questions about an individual student should contact Director of Special Education Services Dr. Christi Flores at (630) 243-3227.

For more information contact Director of School & Community Relations Tony Hamilton at (630) 243-3280.

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