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Deadline quickly approaching for fall athletes to return required paperwork


The deadline is quickly approaching for Lemont High School athletes who are participating in fall sports to return all the paperwork that must be on file for them to be able to take part in the first day of practice!

All paperwork must be returned to the Athletics Office by Tuesday, August 7. However, student-athletes and their parents/guardians are encouraged to return all paperwork as early as possible so that there are no delays in their participation on the first day of practice.

As a reminder, the required forms and accompanying information will not be mailed to upperclassmen this year. All documents may be downloaded from the 'Athletics Forms' page (link below). Incoming freshmen received a condensed mailing last month, but also are expected to download the necessary forms from the school's Web site and return them to the school.

Athletics Forms

Please review the important information below regarding the 2012-13 sports seasons.

A mandatory parent meeting will be held in the Performing Arts Center on Thursday, August 16, at 7 p.m. This meeting is intended for all parents/guardians of all athletes, regardless of class or sport. This meeting is intended only for parents/guardians; students should not attend.

The following paperwork is required to participate in any sport and must be turned into the Athletics Office prior to a student participating in a sport. All documents may be downloaded from the school’s Web site by clicking on the 'Athletics Forms' link.

All paperwork for athletes in fall sports must be turned in to the Athletics Office no later than Tuesday, August 7. Failure to do so will result in the inability to participate.

Athletic Consent Form
A copy of this form was included in the registration mailing that was sent to all families earlier this month, but also may be downloaded from the school’s Web site. It must be signed both by the student and a parent/guardian.

Concussion Awareness Form
This form must be signed both by the student and a parent/guardian.

IHSA Drug Testing Form
The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) employs a drug testing program in conjunction with all postseason competition. In accordance with this practice, Lemont High School consents to have any of its student-athletes tested for Performance Enhancing Substances (PES) during IHSA playoff competition. In order to participate during regular season or postseason play, all athletes (regardless of sport level) and their parents/guardians must consent to participate in the IHSA drug testing program, in case the athletes are selected for random testing during postseason play. Failing to consent to this testing prohibits a student from regular season or postseason competition. This form must be signed both by the student and a parent/guardian.

IHSA Pre-Participation Medical Exam Form (Sports Physical)
All student-athletes must have a current IHSA Pre-Participation Medical Exam Form (i.e., sports physical) on file in the Athletics Office before participating. This form must be signed by the student, a parent/guardian, and the physician administering the exam.

Lemont High School will offer two opportunities for sophomores, juniors and seniors to receive their sports physicals: Monday August 6 (9 a.m.-1 p.m.) and Tuesday, August 7 (4-7:30 p.m.). These physicals are $49 and will be conducted within the athletic area. Students should bring their payment and form (signed both by the student and parent/guardian) with them; checks should be made payable to Lemont High School.

Please contact Athletics Secretary Deb Finnegan to reserve a sports physical appointment. She can be reached by phone at (630) 243-3207, or via e-mail by clicking on her name.

Please note: All freshmen are required to have a State of Illinois Child Examination Form on file with the school by Tuesday, August 7. This form satisfies the requirement for the sports physical; freshmen should not submit the IHSA form to the school.

A listing of all sports offered by Lemont High School, as well as contact information for varsity head coaches and a list of dates that practice begins for each sport, may be found on the Athletics Directory (link below).

Athletics Directory

Click here for more information for fall sports, including details concerning the beginning of practices.

Lemont High School administers Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees to students involved in any athletic activity, and to students in most extra-curricular activities. These fees offset a small portion of the costs associated with transportation, tournament entry fees, and coaching/sponsor stipends.

All of a student’s fees – including academic and extra-curricular fees, both from the current year and previous years – must be paid in full for the student to be eligible to participate in an extra-curricular activity.

More information about Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees, including the timeline for billing and the due dates by which they must be paid in order for a student to continue participation in his/her activity, may be found by visiting the 'Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees' page on the school's Web site (link below).

Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees

Parents/guardians who have any questions concerning the information contained in this letter are encouraged to contact the Athletics Office at either (630) 243-3207 or (630) 243-3210.
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