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EPAS testing set for November 6 at Lemont High School


In an effort to help its students identify their academic and vocational strengths and weaknesses, Lemont High School will continue to provide EPAS (EXPLORE, PLAN, ACT) testing for its students. EPAS testing will take place on Tuesday, November 6, from 8-11:30 a.m.

On the EPAS testing date, all freshmen will take the EXPLORE test, all sophomores will be administered the PLAN test, and all juniors will take a practice ACT exam. Seniors are encouraged to use this day to visit colleges or investigate other post-high school career plans.

School will begin at its normal time on November 6, and will dismiss for the day at 11:30 a.m. The remainder of the day is scheduled as a Teacher's In-Service Day. There will be no lunch served, but breakfast will be served in the Commons as regularly scheduled.

Please note: November 6 originally was scheduled as a Teacher's Institute Day, but the school was forced to adjust its schedule based on action taken by the Illinois State Board of Education. For more information concerning the reasons behind this schedule change, please click on the following link:

Lemont High School announces adjustment to school calendar
EXPLORE is an ACT product that mirrors the structure of the ACT exam, and is administered either to students either at the end of their eighth grade year or at the outset of their ninth grade year. The test contains sections on English, Math, Science Reasoning and Reading, with an additional section that assesses a student's interest in various vocational areas. Students are scored against the performance of other ninth graders from around the country, and scores can be correlated to potential scores on the ACT test that all students take during their junior year.

The PLAN test is an identical product to the EXPLORE; however, the content and level of difficulty are increased to reflect the increased education that students have received by their sophomore year. Again, scores are normed against performances from students across the nation, and a correlation can be made to a student's potential ACT score.

The ACT test is part of the Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE), which is given each spring to all juniors who attend public high schools in the state of Illinois. During EPAS testing, the school provides its juniors with the opportunity to participate in a practice ACT exam. They will be tested using a retired ACT test under the same conditions they will experience in the spring, or during a regular ACT national testing date. The benefits for juniors are two-fold: they become familiar with the expectations and time constraints of the testing situation, and their scores assist the school in helping them set realistic academic goals for themselves as they begin to consider their post-secondary plans.

Lemont High School uses these tests as an opportunity to do several things:
  • Assess academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Plan for academic interventions to help build skills
  • Analyze potential career areas for exploration
  • Reduce the stress of the Prairie State Achievement Exam by offering opportunities to practice standardized test skills
The EPAS testing experience is beneficial to students individually, and to the school as a whole. Results should be mailed to parents in December.

Senior students do not participate in the testing program, but are encouraged to use the day as a “College Visit Day.”  Students are encouraged to set appointments with admissions and financial aid representatives at their schools of interest. Guidance counselors have helpful “what to look for” checklists for college visits, which are available upon request. Students may also take advantage of "job shadow" opportunities.

For more information, contact Data Analyst Kathy Brockett at (630) 243-3236.
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