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Lemont High School announces Prairie State Scholars, “Beat the Spread” honorees


Fourteen students from Lemont High School’s Class of 2013 have been designated as Prairie State Scholars for their work on the Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE) in April 2012. Additionally, the school has awarded 61 students with “Beat the Spread” honors after they exceeded their expected performance on the ACT portion of the PSAE.

This marks the third straight year that Lemont High School has had at least ten students cited with Prairie State Scholar honors; the Class of 2011 had 15 students earn that distinction, while the Class of 2012 had 12 earn the honor. Included among the honorees this year are Kelly Collins, Christopher Dowling, Helena Fugiel, Kimberly Gannon, Aaron Korte, Szymon Koszarek, Ethan Parafink, Paul Rachwalski, Sarah Reaves, Mackenzie Rohrer, Justin Stanwyck, Lynn Stanwyck, Daniel Totura and Katherine Washagan.

In order to be named a Prairie State Scholar, students must score in the “Exceeds” level on the Reading, Mathematics and Science portions of the PSAE. Lemont had 63 students post at least one score in the “Exceeds” range on the 2012 PSAE.

An award unique to Lemont High School, “Beat the Spread” recognizes students who achieved a better than anticipated score on the ACT portion of the PSAE, compared to their results on the PLAN test, which they took as sophomores. Any student, regardless of ability, can aspire to achieve this award since it compares a student’s performance on the ACT to his or her own past performance on a standardized test.

Nearly 20 percent of students in the Class of 2013 exceeded expectations on the ACT portion of the 2012 PSAE, and 92 percent of the class met or exceeded their predicted ranges on the ACT.

“Beat the Spread” honorees include: Samuel Abboud, Joseph Averion-Puttrich, Salvatore Baldassano, Mitchell Balek, Antonio Barauskas, Michelle Bobak, Nicholas Bonner, Zachary Brosseau, Shannon Burke, Jenna Chapman, Alyssa Cinatl, Nora Collins, Sali Culafowski, Amber D’Andrea, John Dillenburg, Bryan Dirst, Vincent Dory, Kevin Dowiarz, Amanda Dziallo, Erik Erdmier, Anne Finnelly, Tricia Flanagan, Beau Freebeck, Connor Ganzer, Paige Gawrys, Christos Giatras, Thomas Griffin, William Hayes, Ivan Holguin, Natalia Jezyk, Matthew Kaminski, Rachel Karpiesiuk, Chandler Kelly, Angelica Kociolek, Aaron Korte, Maha Longi, Michael Madsen, Sam Marzo, Scott Matulik, Wendy Mazur, Brandon McAdam, Timothy McAuliffe, Bradley Menzyk, Kyle Obbish, Michael Puzynski, Jacob Ricks, Mackenzie Rohrer, Bryan Roy, Amanda Ruban, Nicholas Runnfeldt, Tanya Schmitz, Bryan Shamasko, Lynn Stanwyck, Reilley Sullivan, Courtney Toth, Daniel Totura, Zanas Tumasonis, Chloe Vavra, Matthew Vitt, Anna Wood, Rayan Zubi.

For more information, contact Director of School & Community Relations Tony Hamilton at (630) 243-3280.
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