Information for Lemont High School's Class of 2022

Welcome to the prospective students of Lemont High School's Class of 2022!
In just a few short months, you'll be high school students! While you still have plenty to accomplish before finishing up 8th grade in the spring, there are a number of important items happening in the next few months of which both you and your parents/guardians should be aware.

Please take a moment to review some important information that will benefit you as you prepare to become a Lemont High School student next fall. As you may have heard, Lemont High School recently was named a 2017 National Blue Ribbon School .... and we look forward to having you on campus to continue in that tradition!

8th Grade Open House
Important Information for Parents/Guardians of Students Enrolled in Catholic Elementary Schools
New Student Enrollment
Placement Testing

Course Selection for the Class of 2022
Letter to the Class of 2022 re: Course Selection and Student Enrollment
8th Grade Course Selection Event
2018-19 Student Registration


The Student Services Chair and Lemont High School counselors will provide assistance to prospective members of the Class of 2022. A student's counselor is determined by his or her last name. Lemont High School's counselors include (assignments in parentheses):

  Position Phone
Denise Dalton Student Services Chair (630) 243-3241
Dana Browne Counselor (A-E) (630) 243-3217
Stephanie Bushnell Counselor (F-Lee) (630) 243-3224
Andrea Heinz Counselor (Lef-Ri) (630) 243-3238
Jeff Perich Counselor (Rj-Z) (630) 243-3223

To e-mail a Lemont High School counselor, click on his or her name.

8th Grade Open House

Lemont High School will host its annual 8th Grade Open House on Wednesday, November 29, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. The event provides an opportunity for current 8th grade students and their parents/guardians to meet Lemont High School teachers, counselors and administrators. Click the link below for more information.

Lemont High School to host 8th Grade Open House on November 29

If you were unable to attend the 8th Grade Open House, you may download the materials that were distributed in folders to attendees.

We want to hear from you about the 8th Grade Open House!
If you attended, please complete this survey that will help us evaluate our 8th Grade Open House.

Important Information for Parents/Guardians of Students Enrolled in Catholic/Private Elementary Schools

The “High School Recruitment” section in the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Handbook for School Administrators places restrictions on the relationships that public schools may have with Catholic grade schools. Specifically, Catholic elementary schools may not:
  • Invite public high schools to Catholic elementary school-sponsored high school recruitment events;
  • Provide an opportunity for public high schools to hold placement tests on their campuses; or
  • Distribute promotional materials from public high schools.
Parents/guardians of Catholic or private school students who are considering attending Lemont High School next year are encouraged to visit the school’s 8th Grade Open House on November 29 to learn more about the wealth of opportunities that Lemont High School offers its student population. Additionally, these students should attend the school’s placement exam, which will be held on the morning of Saturday, December 2.

Parents/guardians of students who currently are enrolled in any private school but are considering attending Lemont High School next year should consult the "New Student Enrollment" section below to learn more about the steps required to enroll at Lemont High School.
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New Student Enrollment

Please click on the link below to learn about the necessary steps to enroll at Lemont High School.

New Student Enrollment

Please note that all new students must prove their residency as part of their enrollment into Lemont High School.

After reviewing the information on the "New Student Enrollment" page, parents/guardians who have questions about student enrollment should contact Registrar/Counseling Secretary Heather Richa at (630) 243-3218, or via e-mail by clicking on her name.

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Placement Testing

Lemont High School again will administer a placement exam to all of its incoming freshmen. This exam is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Saturday, December 2, and is mandatory for all incoming freshmen. Initial course placements in English, Mathematics and Science will be made based on the results of the EXPLORE test, as well as standardized test scores provided by grade schools.

On December 2, students are asked to arrive on campus no later than 8:45 a.m. Students should be dropped off at the school's main entrance - i.e., the "Archway" entrance (directions) - off of Porter Street. They will be directed to their assigned testing rooms from there.

Testing will begin promptly at 9 a.m. Students will take three subtests (English, Reading, Mathematics) of the EXPLORE exam. On the Mathematics subtest, students may use a scientific calculator or a non-QWERTY graphing calculator, but they will not be permitted to utilize CAS calculators or calculators on mobile devices (phones, iPads, etc.).

Students will be provided with a No. 2 pencil to use that morning. Testing is expected to be completed between 10:45-11 a.m. Parents who arrive early can wait for their children in the North Lot, which is located directly in front of the “Archway” entrance.

Parents or students who have questions concerning placements should contact one of the following: Mark Cannon (English) at (630) 243-3253; Kathy Young (Mathematics) at (630) 243-3263; or Scott Collins (Science) at (630) 243-3266. To e-mail one of these individuals, click on his or her name.

Lemont High School’s Special Education Department will receive the Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and Section 504 Plans for all Old Quarry Middle School students prior to the placement exam, and will implement the appropriate accommodations detailed in the plans for those students. Parents/guardians of students with Special Education needs who do not attend Old Quarry Middle School should contact the Special Education Department at (630) 243-3220 to discuss the appropriate accommodations.

Incoming freshmen who have a scheduling conflict on December 2 still will need to take the placement exam. Parents/guardians of students with such conflicts should contact Principal’s Secretary Cheryl Wyss at (630) 243-3222 at their earliest convenience.

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Course Selection for the Class of 2022

Lemont High School will receive standardized test score information for 8th graders at Old Quarry Middle School. The school will receive similar information for students enrolled in private schools as parents/guardians of those students submit the "Request for Release of Student Records" form to their children's schools. Parents/guardians of future Lemont High School students who are currently attending Cass Junior High School in Darien are encouraged follow the steps detailed in the "New Student Enollment" section.

Division Chairs at Lemont High School will make course level recommendations for members of the Class of 2022 after reviewing results from the EXPLORE test and standardized test scores provided by students' grade schools. Counselors will collect the recommendations of the Division Chairs and generate preliminary placement information.

Lemont High School's counselors will deliver placements to current Old Quarry Middle School 8th graders in January 2018, and provide an explanation to those students concerning how their placements were determined. Students will be able to take home the placement information to their parents/guardians, and will be advised of the number of electives they can choose for the 2018-19 school year and how to use the school's Program of Studies to select those electives. Students will be instructed on how to return their course selection information.

After parents of private school students submit the "Request for Release of Student Records" form to their children's schools, Lemont High School's counselors will receive those scores, distribute that information to the school's Division Chairs, and mail placements directly to the student's residence. Information concerning how to select electives will be included in that mailing. Placements will be mailed directly to parents of Cass Junior High School students and any homeschooled students as well.

Lemont High School does not print a course selection catalog. However, a description of each of its courses is available online, as is a downloadable version of the Program of Studies (link below).

Program of Studies

Sample Freshman Course Selection Form

Freshman Placement Recommendation Waiver Form

Lemont High School will finalize its course offerings for the 2018-19 school year in December; course descriptions and the Program of Studies will be updated as information is available, but all course descriptions should be finalized by the end of December.

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8th Grade Course Selection Event

All Class of 2022 parents/guardians are required to attend the 8th Grade Course Selection event on Saturday, January 27, 2018. This event will take place on campus between 9 a.m.-12 p.m. At this event, parents/guardians will return their child’s course selection form, and also supply all required enrollment documentation. All parents/guardians of incoming freshmen must prove residency as part of enrollment.

Students are not required to attend this event with their parents/guardians, but may attend if they wish to do so.

Parents/guardians of students who will receive Special Education services are asked to attend on January 27 for enrollment and residency verification, but specific courses for your child will be selected with you and the Special Education staff at his/her annual review.

Parents/guardians with an unavoidable conflict on January 27 should contact Registrar/Counseling Secretary Heather Richa at (630) 243-3218 at their earliest convenience.

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2018-19 Student Registration

Lemont High School utilizes an online registration process; this will be completed for all students in July and August 2018, prior to the start of the 2018-19 school year.

Information concerning student registration will be distributed during the summer. However, parents/guardians who wish to get a head start on the process should keep in mind the following items.

The State of Illinois Child Health Examination Form - complete with proof of the appropriate vaccinations (as required by state law) - must be on file at the school before your child may begin attending courses in the fall. Prior to entering high school, students must show proof of the Meningitis vaccine and Tdap vaccine; two doses of both the Varicella (i.e., chicken pox) and Measles, Mumps and Rubella (i.e., MMR) vaccines; and three doses of the Hepatitis B, DTP/DTap and Polio vaccines. All vaccines must have been administered at the proper intervals.

All incoming freshmen, and any in-state transfer students, are required to submit a State of Illinois Child Health Examination Form (including an up-to-date immunization record that shows proof of all required vaccines), which must be completed by an Illinois physician. All incoming freshmen also are recommended to submit the State of Illinois Eye Examination Report and the State of Illinois Dental Examination Form. All of these forms may be found by clicking below on the link to the Nurse's Office page and browsing the links on the right side of the page.

Nurse's Office

In addition to the State of Illinois Child Health Examination Form, out-of-state transfer students also are required to submit a State of Illinois Eye Examination Report, completed by an Illinois physician.

The Child Health Examination Form must be on file with the school before a student may begin attending classes. Parents/guardians are asked to submit that information to the school by July 1. It may be dropped off in the PPS Office, mailed to the attention of the School Nurse, or faxed (Attn: School Nurse) to (630) 243-7904. The Child Health Examination Form submitted for student registration also may be used for freshman athletic participation, as long as it is completed on or after May 15, 2018.

Parents of potential student-athletes can click on the link below to learn about the deadlines for that required paperwork.

Athletics Forms

The date for Lemont High School's Registration Processing Day for the 2018-19 school year will be solidified during the spring, but parents/guardians should expect that it will be held during the week of August 6-10. All students should attend Registration Processing Day! This includes students whose parents/guardians have completed the online registration process and paid the appropriate registration fees in advance.

A number of important tasks are completed on Registration Processing Day:

  • Head shots are taken of each student - these are used for student ID cards and yearbook photos
  • Students pick up their course schedules
  • Students pick up their student planners
  • Students pick up their physical education uniforms

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