2018-19 Student Registration

This page includes important information for all Lemont High School students and their parents/guardians. Visitors are encouraged to scroll through the page on their first visit, but the links below are provided to allow visitors to "jump" to different sections on the page.

Students and parents/guardians can take advantage of an "express" visit on Registration Processing Day by completing the registration process by Monday, August 6! Doing so will save significant time on Registration Processing Day!

Please note that parents/guardians with multiple students must complete the Online Registration Module for each student. Access to Skyward's Online Registration Module only is enabled for a student's primary guardian (i.e., "Family 1" within the Skyward Student Records System).

Parents/guardians who have questions about the registration process may contact Director of School & Community Relations Tony Hamilton at (630) 243-3280, or by clicking on his name to submit a message via e-mail. Parents/guardians who have difficulty completing the online registration process may visit the school's PPS Office during regular business hours to obtain assistance.

Students who are not yet enrolled at Lemont High School but will be new to the district during the 2018-19 school year should visit the New Student Enrollment page to learn what documents are needed to enroll. After collecting all of the necessary information, please contact Registrar/Counseling Secretary Heather Richa by calling (630) 243-3218, or by clicking on her name to send her a message via e-mail.

Lemont High School District 210 serves Lemont and portions of Darien, Downers Grove and Woodridge. Parents/guardians who wish to determine if they live within Lemont High School's boundaries should consult the district's boundary map.

2018-19 Summer Registration Information

Important Dates
Registration Processing Day
Required Documents for Incoming Freshmen/New Transfer Students
Students with Multiple Families
Yearbook Photos
Freshman Orientation Day
Counselor Assignments
Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
Items for Purchase Through RevTrak
Dress and Appearance Guidelines
Extra-Curricular Activities
Support Organizations
Student Accident Insurance
Student Publicity
Summer Reading
Payment Options
Fee Waiver Application/Payment Plans/National School Lunch Program Application
Begin Online Registration

Important Dates

Tuesday, August 7 - Registration Processing Day - 7:30 a.m.-7 p.m. (click the link to see additional information)

Wednesday, August 15 - Freshman Orientation Day - FRESHMEN AND NEW TRANSFER STUDENTS ONLY - Freshmen begin at 8 a.m. and transfer students begin at 9 a.m. (click the link to see additional information)

Thursday, August 16 - First Day of School - ALL STUDENTS - school begins at 8 a.m.

Wednesday, August 22 - Learning and Teaching Night - 6:30 p.m., Performing Arts Center
(directions to PAC entrance)

2018-19 Calendar of Important Dates

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Registration Processing Day

Lemont High School's Registration Processing Day for the 2018-19 school year is scheduled for 7:30 a.m.-7 p.m. on Tuesday, August 7.

All students should attend Registration Processing Day! This includes students whose parents/guardians have completed the online registration process and paid the appropriate registration fees in advance.

A number of important tasks are completed on Registration Processing Day, including:
  • Head shots are taken of each student; that photo will be used on the student's Identification Card.
  • Students pick up their course schedules.
  • Students pick up their Student Planners.
  • Students pick up their physical education uniforms and locks (and purchase additional/replacement uniforms).
Students and their parents/guardians should enter Lemont High School through the main entrance off of Porter Street.

Directions to Main Entrance (Porter Street)

Traditionally, the busiest times at Registration Processing Day have been the first two hours after it opens in the morning (7:30-9:30 a.m.), during lunch hours (11 a.m.-1 p.m.), and the end of the day (5-7 p.m.) as well.

Required Documents for Incoming Freshmen/New Transfer Students

By Registration Processing Day, any incoming freshman or new transfer student must submit a State of Illinois Child Health Examination Form (including an up-to-date immunization record), which must be completed by an Illinois physician. Out-of-state transfer students also are required to submit a State of Illinois Eye Examination Report, completed by an Illinois physician.

These documents may be delivered in person to the PPS Office during regular business hours through Monday, August 6; mailed to Lemont High School (attn: School Nurse); e-mailed to School Nurse Mary Noga by clicking on her name; or provided in person at Registration Processing Day.

All incoming freshmen are recommended to submit the State of Illinois Eye Examination Report and the State of Illinois Dental Examination Form.

ALL students must be able to show proof of vaccination against Pertussis (i.e., whooping cough) through the Tdap vaccine; proof of two doses of the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine; proof of three doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine; proof of two doses of the Varicella (i.e., chicken pox) vaccine; proof of a Polio booster on or after the student's 4th birthday; and proof of the Meningitis vaccine on or after the student's 11th birthday. Additionally, any student entering the 12th grade in the State of Illinois is required to show proof of having received a Meningitis vaccine on or after the student's 16th birthday. All seniors must fulfill this requirement. Regardless of the student’s grade in school, proof of having received the proper dosage of the vaccine should be submitted to the school as soon as the vaccine is given.

Students who do not provide complete vaccination records by the first day of school will not be allowed to attend school until the proper documentation has been provided.

For more information on required Health Examination and Immunization Requirements, or to learn more about the procedures for administering medication to a student at school, please click below to be taken to the School Nurse page.

School Nurse Page

Students with Multiple Families

Lemont High School maintains contact information for students with multiple families, including students with the following circumstances:

  • Student’s parents are divorced.
  • Student’s parents are separated and live at different addresses.
  • Student has a non-custodial or non-residential parent/guardian living at a different address than his/her own.

Parents/guardians of students with these circumstances should download the form below and return it, along with a copy of the proper legal documentation, to Counseling Secretary/Registrar Heather Richa, whose office is located in the PPS Office. This information also may be returned on Registration Processing Day.

Second Family Information Sheet

To contact Registrar/Counseling Secretary Heather Richa, call (630) 243-3218, or click on her name to send her a message via e-mail.

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Yearbook Photos

All students must be photographed for school purposes. These photos are taken on Registration Processing Day.

Seniors are expected to have their photos taken at Registration Processing Day. This will not be the photo that appears in the yearbook, but the school must have a current photo on file for administrative purposes. In the fall, seniors will sign up for Senior Portraits and will have an opportunity to purchase those packages through Marshall Photographer, the school's official yearbook photographer.

Yearbook photos for underclassmen will be taken on Registration Processing Day. Students should dress appropriately.

The following photo packages are available for purchase for freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Parents/guardians may purchase more than one package.

Package #1 - $30
One 8 x 10 photo
Two 5 x 7 photos
16 2 x 3 full-size wallet photos

Package #2 - $20
Two 5 x 7 photos
Eight 2 x 3 full-size wallet photos

Package #3 - $15
One 5 x 7 photo
Eight mini-wallet photos

Blemishes and facial lines may be softened for an additional $10 per package.

Pre-payment will not be accepted for photo packages. Payment for photo packages must be submitted at the time the student is photographed. Parents/guardians who wish to purchase photo packages at a later date will be assessed a $10 service fee.

Payment for photo packages may be made by check or money order, and made payable to Marshall Photographer. Parents/guardians with questions concerning student photos should contact Marshall Photographer at (312) 782-2462.

Freshman Orientation Day

Wednesday, August 15, is Freshman Orientation Day, the first day of student attendance for Lemont High School's Class of 2022. This day helps provide a smooth transition for students into the school, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the campus, run through both their Blue and Gold day class schedules, meet the school's faculty and staff, learn more about the school's policies and procedures, and hopefully bond as a class. Students also may attend an Activity Fair during lunch, where they will be able to learn more about the many extra-curricular opportunities available to them at Lemont High School.

Freshmen should bring their Student Planners (which they will receive at Registration Processing Day). Students should report to the Gymnasium by 8 a.m. Lunch will be available for purchase in the Commons, or students may bring their own lunch. The day will end at 2:37 p.m.

This is a mandatory attendance day for all freshmen!

Lemont High School's Student Services Department also will host Transfer Orientation Day on August 15 beginning at 9 a.m. Sophomores, juniors or seniors who are transferring to Lemont High School for the 2017-18 school year should contact a member of the Counseling Department to learn more about the day's activities.

Counselor Assignments

Four counselors serve Lemont High School's student population. In an effort to help each student reach his or her individual goals, counselors meet periodically with students to help them develop and implement a career plan. Counselors are available to assist students and parents in educational planning and career decisions.

Students are assigned to counselors based on the first letter of their last name. Below, please find a link to a directory of the Counseling Department.

Counseling Department


Lemont High School students arrive at and depart from campus daily in a variety of ways, including bus transportation, personal vehicles, and by parent/guardian drop-off. To learn more about the details associated with all of these options, click on the Transportation link.


Within Skyward's Online Registration Module, all parents/guardians will be asked to complete a Transportation Survey that details whether or not their student(s) will utilize bus transportation during the 2018-19 school year. Parents/guardians whose students will ride the bus will be asked to consult a list of bus routes and provide that information as part of the survey.

Limited parking is available on campus for Lemont High School juniors and seniors. In order to apply for a parking permit, students must submit a completed application and pay a non-refundable $100 permit fee. All student drivers must have a valid driver's license and current auto insurance.

All of a student’s fees from the current and previous years must be paid in full for the student to be eligible to receive a parking permit. More information on parking permit applications is available from the Transportation page.

Students who submit the application and all required materials by the date designated on the application will be eligible to pick up their parking permits at Registration Processing Day. Only those personal vehicles with approved Lemont High School parking permits are allowed to park in the school's lots beginning on the first day of school.
In order to ensure student safety and diminish traffic congestion, parents/guardians who drop off or pick up their students are asked to adhere to a set of guidelines, which also are available on the Transportation page.

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Lemont High School's faculty and staff employ the use of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), which is a research-based, proven method to provide collective instructional and curriculum planning time for teachers. To achieve this goal, on most Wednesdays throughout the school year, classes begin at 8:40 a.m., instead of 8 a.m. On PLC days, classes still end at 2:37 p.m.

PLC Bell Schedule

On PLC days, the school's buses follow their normal schedule, and parents/guardians may drop off students at the regular time. From 8-8:30 a.m., students are able to take advantage of a number of learning opportunities. Click here for a list of the school's Academic Resources, many of which are available during PLC time.

During the 2018-19 school year, the only Wednesdays that will not follow a PLC schedule, and thus will begin at 8 a.m., are the following:

  • Wednesday, August 15 (Freshman Orientation Day)
  • Wednesday, October 24 (student testing; seniors do not attend; classes dismiss at noon)
  • Wednesday, November 21 (day before Thanksgiving; classes dismiss at 1 p.m.)
  • Wednesday, December 19 (first day of first semester final exams)
  • Wednesday, May 22 (last day of second semester final exams; tentative last day of school)

Items for Purchase Through RevTrak

Parents/guardians may use RevTrak to pay for their student's registration fees, but also have the opportunity to purchase several items. These items are found under the "Additional Items" section on RevTrak.

TI-NSPIRE CX CALCULATOR (click here to purchase!) - NOTE: Lemont High School will not offer this for purchase in future years
All students enrolled in any level of mathematics are expected to use the TI-Nspire CX calculator. This technology is required for students for their math courses throughout high school; may be used in selected science classes, on state assessments and college entrance exams; and also potentially may be used in college.

Parents/guardians may buy the calculator on their own, but Lemont High School's Mathematics Department offers the opportunity - during the registration process only - to purchase it through the school for the reduced price of $130. The TI-Nspire CX is available during student registration for a lower price than it is available in most stores.

Please note: Parents/guardians are not required to purchase the TI-Nspire CX through the school. Incoming freshmen who already were using the TI-Nspire CX in their classes prior to arriving at Lemont High School may continue to use the one they already own.

Parents/guardians who wish to order the TI-Nspire CX through the school but do not wish to do so online may purchase it by cash or check at Registration Processing Day.

Any calculators that are purchased through the school will be provided to students in their Mathematics classes. No orders will be accepted after Registration Processing Day.

All incoming freshmen and transfer students will be assessed a "Physical Education Package" fee, which includes the cost of a uniform and lock, as well as a heart rate monitor maintenance fee. All of these items are required to participate in Physical Education.

Order forms for school-approved Physical Education sweatshirts and sweatpants will be available at Registration Processing Day.

Parents/guardians who wish to purchase additional and/or replacement Physical Education uniforms may do so through RevTrak (click here) or in person at Registration Processing Day. Parents/guardians should pay by check that day, with checks made payable to 'Lemont High School.'

Returning students who have misplaced their lock may purchase a replacement through RevTrak (click here).

Dress and Appearance Guidelines

Lemont High School students are expected to dress and groom themselves in an appropriate manner and in a way that will reflect good taste. The intent of the school’s Dress and Appearance Guidelines is to promote a good learning environment without imposing undue restriction upon each individual’s freedom. The primary responsibility for student dress rests with parents/guardians and students, as long as such dress and grooming does not present a health or safety hazard or disrupt the educational process. The school hopes students' decisions regarding dress and appearance will be governed by what they and their parents/guardians personally know to be reasonable and appropriate for the school setting. Modesty always is appropriate.

Dress and Appearance Guidelines

Students violating dress and appearance guidelines will be given an opportunity to correct the violation. The Dean will address any violation that is referred to the PPS Office. Students may be required to return home to correct violations. When a student’s appearance disrupts the educational process, creates unnecessary attention or infringes upon the rights of others, the student may be subject to disciplinary action. In extreme cases or when a student chooses not to cooperate in correcting the situation, he/she may be subject to further disciplinary action. Students who repeatedly violate these standards may be suspended. Health and safety standards will be maintained at all times for the protection of students and property.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Lemont High School recognizes the important role that extra-curricular activities play in the development of student values. All students are encouraged to participate in the school’s extra-curricular program. While extra-curricular activities enhance the educational experience for each student, a student’s first responsibility is to be successful in the classroom.

Extra-curricular opportunities are available to each student. Any student who chooses to participate in an extra-curricular activity of any type is held accountable for his/her performance in the classroom. Additionally, all of a student’s fees - including any extra-curricular activity participation fees - must be paid by the designated date in order for him/her to participate in most activities. Below, please find some important links concerning extra-curricular activities.

Activities Directory - includes a list of non-athletic extra-curricular activities the school offers, names and contact information for activity sponsors, and the date rosters are set for each activity.

Athletics Directory - includes a list of sports the school offers, names and contact information for varsity coaches, and the date practice begins for each sport.

Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees - includes information about the implementation, billing and processing of the fees. A schedule of when fees are due for each extra-curricular activity is included in the categories on the right side of the page. Please note that all of a student’s fees – including academic and extra-curricular fees, both from the current year and previous years – must be paid in full for the student to be eligible to participate in an extra-curricular activity.

Athletic/Extra-Curricular Consent Form - must be completed - including signatures from both the student and his/her parent/guardian - and returned to the Athletics/Activities Office prior to a student being able to participate in a sport or a non-athletic activity. This form was included in the mailing each family received with registration instructions, but also can be downloaded from the school's Web site. The form may be returned to the school's Athletics/Activities Office, delivered in person to the PPS Office during regular business hours through Monday, August 6, or returned in person on Registration Processing Day. All students are encouraged to return this form at the beginning of the year.

Student-athletes and their parents/guardians should visit the Athletics Forms page to download all of the paperwork that must be returned in order for a student to participate in any sport. Athletes in fall sports must return this paperwork by Tuesday, August 7!

Parents/guardians with questions about extra-curricular activities should contact Athletics/Activities Administrative Assistant Deb Finnegan at (630) 243-3207, or click on her name to contact her via e-mail.

Support Organizations

Lemont High School students, faculty and staff all benefit from the generous support provided by three independently run organizations: the Lemont High School Educational Foundation (LHSEF), Blue & Gold Backers, and the Band Parents Association.

Established in 2007, the Lemont High School Educational Foundation (LHSEF) has funded more than $400,000 in grants to impact the lives of Lemont High School's students and staff. The Foundation partners with the community to make lasting improvements to Lemont High School that will enhance the total educational experience for all of its students. Click the link below to learn more about the LHSEF.

Lemont High School Educational Foundation Web Site

The LHSEF's success depends on the support it receives from the community. If you would like to make a financial contribution to support the Foundation's work, please click the "Donate Now" link below, or make a donation when paying your student's registration fees (information on how to do this through your online payment was included in your registration mailing).

Donate Now

The LHSEF holds its annual fundraising event every fall. Please plan on joining the LHSEF for food, drink, music and fun at "Food for Thought: Taste of Lemont" on Saturday, September 8, in downtown Lemont near the Metra Parking Lot. This family friendly event will be open to all ages and will feature a number of local restaurants, as well as Mike and Joe - one of the nation's top cover bands! You can purchase your tickets online here.

The Blue & Gold Backers is the parent-driven volunteer organization that supports the Lemont High School Athletic Department through fundraising activities. The Blue & Gold Backers provides assistance to Lemont High School through revenue for equipment purchases, and gives parents and other community members an opportunity to lend support to Lemont High School student-athletes and coaches.

The Blue & Gold Backers raises funds through the sale of concessions and athletic gear at the school’s sporting events throughout the year. Every hot dog, drink or sweatshirt you buy helps to support the Lemont High School Athletic Department!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Blue & Gold Backers, contact the athletic department at (630) 243-3207.

The Lemont High School Band Parents Association supports the school’s band directors, staff and students to ensure its award-winning music program continues to thrive. Parent involvement in activities such as chaperoning and fundraising is the organization’s key to success, and benefits hundreds of students annually. Click the link below to learn more about the Band Parents Association.

Band Parents Association website

The Band Parents Association engages in several fundraising activities each year.

Make your plans to attend the 30th Annual Jazz Band Dinner Dance on March 2, 2019, at DiNolfo's in Homer Glen; tickets for the group’s largest fundraiser will be available beginning in December. Check the school's website for ticket information.

Student Accident Insurance

Parents/guardians interested in purchasing optional student accident insurance may do so by downloading the application below and returning the completed application and payment directly to First Agency.

Student Accident Insurance Application

Student Publicity

Throughout the school year, Lemont High School publicizes the accomplishments of its students and staff, and in doing so, utilizes information pertaining to the student, including his/her name and photo, and his/her individual work, among other information. Reasons for publicity include, but are not limited to: academic awards, honors, and participation in school-sponsored activities and organizations (including athletics). This publicity can come in several forms, including placements on the school's Web site or social media.

Parents/guardians who DO NOT wish to have their student’s name or information used for publicity purposes may download the Student Information for Publicity Purposes form and return it to Director of School and Community Relations Tony Hamilton no later than Friday, August 24. A record of students whose information is not to be used for any publicity purpose will be maintained.

Parents/guardians should ONLY return the form if they DO NOT wish for the school to publicize their students' academic and/or extra-curricular accomplishments during the school year.

When requested, Lemont High School provides directory information for its students to outside entities, including military recruiters and postsecondary educational institutions. The school must provide this information, unless a student's parent/guardian requests that it not be disclosed. Parents/guardians who do not want military recruiters and/or institutions of higher learning to be given their students' directory information should contact Counseling Secretary/Registrar Heather Richa by calling (630) 243-3218, or via e-mail by clicking on her name.

Summer Reading/Summer Homework

Lemont High School has announced its summer reading selections for the 2018-19 school year. Over the summer, all students will be required to read various works depending on what English course they will be enrolled in next year.

Additionally, many Lemont High School courses require students to complete homework over the summer so that they can hit the ground running in those courses when the fall semester arrives.

Please click on the link below to learn more about the Summer Reading selections or to access information concerning summer homework assignments.

Summer Reading/Summer Homework

Payment Options

It is important for all Lemont High School students to resolve their financial obligations. Parents/guardians have several options to pay their students' registration fees, including cash, check and credit card/debit card.

All of a student’s fees – including academic and extra-curricular fees, both from the current year and previous years – must be paid in full for the student to be eligible to participate in an extra-curricular activity, receive a parking permit, participate in 'Behind the Wheel' Driver Education training, pick up his/her yearbook, or participate in the Graduation ceremony.

Please note: 
All students are issued a Chromebook as part of the LNS@LHS Teaching and Learning Program. Each student's fees will include an $85 technology fee to offset the cost of acquiring the necessary technology. Families with more than one student enrolled at Lemont High School will pay $85 for the first student, and $40 for each additional student.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to pay registration fees online via credit card or debit card through RevTrak, a trusted partner of Lemont High School. Paying registration fees online through RevTrak instantly updates a student's account, and also improves efficiency within the school's Business Office. Parents/guardians who wish to use a credit card or debit card to pay their students' fees are encouraged to do so prior to attending Registration Processing Day.

Parents/guardians who have questions concerning how to make an online payment should click the link below for more information.

Online Payment Instructions

Please note that parents/guardians who wish to purchase any additional items available through RevTrak must have the student's unique Food Service Key Pad number available. Information on how to locate that information is provided below, and also was included in the Family Access mailing.

Food Service Information

Parents/guardians who have questions about RevTrak may contact Terra Button in the Business Office. She can be reached at (630) 243-3284, or via e-mail by clicking on her name.

Parents/guardians who wish to pay registration fees with cash should do so in person in the school's PPS Office during regular business hours through Monday, August 6. Payment also can be made by cash in person on Registration Processing Day. Parents/guardians are encouraged not to mail cash to Lemont High School.

Parents/guardians who wish to pay registration fees with a personal check may do so in one of three ways: in person in the school's PPS Office during regular business hours through Monday, August 6; by mailing it to the school, to the attention of Judy Morton, by Friday, August 3; or in person at Registration Processing Day. Parents/guardians are asked to include their students' names on the 'Memo' line on the check.

Please note that families who previously have had personal checks to Lemont High School District 210 returned due to non-sufficient funds (i.e., NSF) may be required to pay their fees with cash, a credit card, or by certified check or money order.

Fee Waiver Application/Payment Plans/National School Lunch Program Application

Parents/guardians who, due to financial hardship, do not feel that they can afford to pay their students' registration fees, should click on the link below to download the fee waiver application and eligibility requirements, then follow the instructions to submit the application. Please click here to determine what items are not covered by a fee waiver.

Fee Waiver Application

Parents/guardians who feel that they cannot pay the full amount of their students' fees - including any registration fees or Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fee(s) - may establish a payment plan for the amount due. An initial payment is expected in order to establish a payment plan for student fees. An initial payment of at least one-third of the amount due is required to develop a payment plan for Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees. Please click the link below to download a sample payment plan agreement.

Sample Payment Plan Agreement

Parents/guardians who wish to apply for free or reduced price lunches through the National School Lunch Program should click the link below to download the eligibility requirements and application, then follow the instructions to submit the application.

National School Lunch Program Application

Parents/guardians with questions about submitting a fee waiver application, establishing a payment plan or applying for the National School Lunch Program should contact Terra Button in the Business Office at (630) 243-3284, or via e-mail by clicking on her name.

Begin Online Registration

To register a student, click on the link below and log in to Skyward's Family Access system. The registration window will open on Friday, July 20.

Skyward Family Access

Once logged in, click on "Online Registration" on the left side of the page. Though some steps do not pertain to each student, all parents/guardians must complete each step.

Parents/guardians with multiple students must complete the Online Registration Module for each student. Within the Skyward Family Access system, different students may be chosen from the dropdown menu at the top of the screen.

Please click on the link below to access a document that answers some common questions about the online registration process.

Online Registration Tips

In order to avoid delays on Registration Processing Day, parents/guardians are encouraged to complete the online registration process and pay their students' fees by Monday, August 6.

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