Annual Financial Reports/Financial Profiles

Each year, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) publishes two reports that detail school districts' financial health. These include the Annual Financial Report (AFR) and Financial Profile.

Each school is required to file an Annual Financial Report with its Regional Office of Education/Intermediate Service Center and the Illinois State Board of Education. This report is generated after a district's annual audit.

The Financial Profile scores are derived from information contained in the Annual Financial Report and are based on five factors: Fund Balance-to-Revenue Ratio, Expenditure-to-Revenue Ratio, Days of Cash on Hand, Percentage of Remaining Short-Term Borrowing Ability, and Percentage of Remaining Long-Term Borrowing Ability.

Based on that data, school districts are classified within four financial designations lists: Financial Recognition, Financial Review, Financial Early Warning and Financial Watch. Financial Recognition is the highest category; the maximum score for a school district is 4.00.

Below, please find a chart with Lemont High School District 210's Annual Financial Reports, its Financial Profile scores, and its financial designation by ISBE. 

Year Annual Financial Report Financial Profile Score ISBE Financial Designation
2007-08 Download 3.45 - Document Not Available Financial Review
2008-09 Download 3.45 - Document Not Available Financial Review
2009-10 Download 3.80 - Download Financial Recognition
2010-11 Download 3.45 - Download Financial Review
2011-12 Download 3.80 - Download Financial Recognition
2012-13 Download 3.70 - Download Financial Recognition
2013-14 Download 3.80 - Download Financial Recognition
2014-15 Download 3.45 - Download Financial Review
2015-16 Download 3.80 - Download Financial Recognition
2016-17 Download 3.80 - Download Financial Recognition
2017-18 Download 3.90 - Download Financial Recognition