Vendors and Contracts Above $25,000

This information is updated annually, in conjunction with the district's required submission of its Statement of Affairs to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

Vendors of $25,000 or more

Please review the chart below to obtain the list of vendors with whom Lemont High School District spent $25,000 or more during the 2017-18 fiscal year (July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018).

A Lamp Concrete, Inc. $44,955.00
Amazon $30,245.31
American Capital Financial Services, Inc. $229,090.30
American Funds Service Company $36,228.92
Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation $168,641.14
AP Exams $73,753.00
AthletiCo, Ltd. $36,848.82
Barnes & Noble $39,062.08
CHG Alternative Education, Inc. $27,968.96
Cogent Communications $36,336.00
Coleman Roofing, Inc. $138,878.40
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. $201,065.74
Elim Christian Services $203,312.97
FieldTurf USA, Inc. $364,280.40
Gordon Food Service $224,132.84
Greatline Communications $150,384.00
Herff Jones $41,871.42
Hill Mechanical Services $32,584.52
HP Products $29,747.68
K.M. Holly Construction $166,088.50
KS StateBank $99,364.83
Lincoln-Way Area Affiliation of Participating School Districts $2,213,537.12
Linear Electric, Inc. $44,884.00
Little Friends, Inc. $72,062.57
MidAmerican Energy Company $109,151.21
Midwest Computer Products, Inc. $32,170.56
Pepsi-Cola General Bottling, Inc. $53,532.93
School Association for Special Education in DuPage County (SASED) $36,387.98
School Employee Loss Fund (SELF) $61,511.00
School of Expressive Arts and Learning (S.E.A.L.) South $106,248.18
Single Path, LLC $225,604.02
Skyward $131,354.26
Social Service Contractors Indemnity Pool (SSCIP) $113,505.00
Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School $145,175.55
Southwest Cook County Cooperative for Special Education $520,679.97
SuperFleet MasterCard Program $79,249.08
Theo J. Gorski & Sons Bus Company $979,490.11
TSA Consulting Group, Inc. $63,396.40
UHS of Provo Canyon School $81,387.80
Vanguard Energy Services, LLC $48,666.34
Village of Lemont $125,000.82
Walch Education $31,325.00
Wight & Co. $41,770.86
Wilco Area Career Center $132,771.66

Contracts of $25,000 or more

All Illinois school districts are required to list on their website contracts whose total value is in excess of $25,000 (P.A. 95-707). These contracts - which may be single- or multi-year contracts - must be listed in conjunction with the year in which the school district entered the contract. During the 2017-18 school year, Lemont High School District 210 entered into the following contracts whose total value was at least $25,000 over the life of the contract.

American Capital Financial Services, Inc. $118,027.00
Coleman Roofing, Inc. $256,368.00
FieldTurf USA, Inc. $424,756.00
Linear Electric, Inc. $58,024.00
Single Path, LLC $206,700.00
Theo J. Gorski & Sons Bus Company - Regular Transportation $389,613.00
Theo J. Gorski & Sons Bus Company - Special Education Transportation $757,274.00