COVID-19 Q & A

(Last updated: March 15, 2020)

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(submitted March 15)
Q: Will Advanced Placement testing be pushed back?
A: No decision has been made to delay Advanced Placement testing. If the decision were to be made to do so, we would communicate with all students (and parents/guardians) who would be affected.

(submitted March 15)
Q: Will Lemont High School be open for the Primary Election?
A: Yes. As far as we know, election activities will go on as normal on March 17. The polling places will be in the field house.

(submitted March 14)
Q: Will the ExcelEdge SAT 1600 classes be made up?
A: ExcelEdge is a third party that holds classes in our building. Its organizers are hoping to make up the remaining classes. However, when that may happen is unknown at this time. 

(submitted March 13)
Q: If Prom is not cancelled, how will students purchase tickets?
A: At this point, no decision has been made concerning the status of Prom. If it were to go on as scheduled, we would communicate the details about purchasing tickets to juniors and seniors and their parents/guardians. 

(submitted March 13)
Q: Will (insert spring sport here) be cancelled?
A: The best answer we can give is... we just don't know. All extra-curricular activities are cancelled through at least Sunday, April 5. We certainly hope our spring athletes will be able to participate at some point this spring, but it's too early to know. 

(submitted March 13)
Q: Will there be tests or assessments through eLearning?
A: That will be addressed in the information about eLearning that will be distributed by Monday, March 16. 

(submitted March 13)
Q: Will there be instructions for eLearning distributed to students and parents/guardians?
A: Yes. That information will be distributed by Monday, March 16. 

(submitted March 13)
Q: Are there eLearning activities on March 17 even though students weren't supposed to be in school?
A: Yes. The Teacher Institute Day scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, has been moved to Monday, March 16. Students will begin eLearning activities on March 17.

(submitted March 13)
Q: Will there be school on March 16, or do students need to log on for eLearning on March 16?
A: No. There are no academic activities on Monday, March 16, for any students.