Fees Structure

Lemont High School District 210 works diligently to be a responsible steward of funds contributed by Lemont High School District 210 taxpayers. While a majority of the district's operational costs are funded by property tax revenue and both state and federal revenue, District 210 does assess fees - both to its students and to outside user groups - to offset the costs of providing quality instruction, comprehensive services and appropriate facilities.

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Fees Assessed to Students

Lemont High School students may be assessed a variety of fees, including those for registration, specialized courses, participation in extra-curricular activities, parking, and textbooks and/or CITGO Innovation Academy materials that are lost or damaged.

Student Fees Chart

Registration Fees

A majority of Lemont High School students are assessed three registration fees - a general fee, an instructional resource fee, and a technology fee.

The general fee includes a variety of items, ranging from textbook rental to the cost of a student's yearbook. Additionally, each student's general fee includes a standard fee that allows students to participate in as many non-athletic activities as they wish during the school year. 

The instructional resource fee consolidates most individual course fees, is applied to each student, and is averaged to cover the necessary consumables for most Lemont High School classes. The implementation of the instructional resource fee allows parents/guardians to more easily project their expenses for registration on an annual basis.

The technology fee helps to offset the cost of the school's 1:1 teaching and learning program. Families with more than one student attending Lemont High School will pay the full fee for the first student and a reduced amount for each additional student.

The "P.E. Package" fee is applied to all freshmen and transfer students who are in enrolled in a physical education class. This fee includes the cost of the required uniform, lock, and heart rate monitor maintenance fee. 

The Cap & Gown/Diploma fee is assessed separately during a student's senior year.

Neither part-time students nor those who are placed out of the district are assessed the general fee or instructional resource fee. However, those students are assessed an administrative fee. Additionally, part-time students are assessed the technology fee.

Specialized Course Fees

There are a handful of courses that fall outside of the instructional resource fee because they are more costly, and/or may not apply to most students. These courses, whose fees are assessed separately, include: Driver Education, Outdoor Education, all Woods courses, and all Advanced Placement classes.

Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees

Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees are administered to students involved in any athletic activity. These fees offset a small portion of the costs associated with transportation, tournament entry fees, and coaching/sponsor stipends.

Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees

Students participating in most non-athletic extra-curricular activities are not assessed an Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fee. Instead, each student's General Fee - which is paid at registration in the fall - includes a standard fee that allows students to participate in as many non-athletic activities as they wish during the school year.

All Co-Curricular Activities are academic in nature and are based in the classroom. Participants in some Co-Curricular Activities are assessed fees, but those fees are not processed as Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees.

Students whose Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees are not paid by the established deadline are not eligible to continue to participate in the activity until the fees are paid. Before a student may participate in a future extra-curricular activity (including in future years), his/her previous Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees must be paid in full, even if he/she was dropped from the activity due to non-payment. Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees are non-refundable.

Parking Permit Fees

Limited parking is available on campus for Lemont High School juniors and seniors. Students must apply for a parking permit, provide a valid driver's license, show proof of insurance, and pay a non-refundable permit fee.

Parking Permit Information

Lost/Damaged Textbook and Chromebook Fees

In an effort to avoid purchasing replacement textbooks, the district has implemented a stringent policy regarding student textbook returns. In order to get a full inventory of its stock of textbooks, District 210 has set an annual May 31 cut-off for textbooks to be returned to the school. Any book not returned by that date becomes the student's property, and he/she is required to purchase it.

Students are encouraged to return their textbooks by the last day of the school year. The district makes many efforts to contain costs for its parents, students and the community, and must ensure it has enough textbooks in stock to begin the next school year.

Students or parents/guardians who have questions concerning this policy should contact Terra Button at (630) 243-3284, or via e-mail by clicking on her name.

Lemont High School's CITGO Innovation Academy serves as an excellent resource for the school's students and staff. Students have the opportunity to borrow a variety of materials from this facility. Students are assessed fines if they do not return those materials in a timely fashion, and also are responsible for the cost of replacing any lost or damaged materials. Students or parents/guardians who have questions concerning fines or damages to CITGO Innovation Academy property should contact librarian Dawn Scuderi at (630) 243-3248, or via e-mail by clicking on her name.

Any student who leaves Lemont High School - whether graduating or transferring to another school - is responsible for returning his or her Chromebook and any associated items. Students must return all items they received when they first were issued a Chromebook. For most students, this will include the Chromebook, a stylus and a power adapter. Some students may have been issued other assistive technology. 

Chromebook Return Information

Paying Student Fees

It is important for all Lemont High School students to resolve their obligations. Graduating seniors who have an obligation to the school are not issued their caps and gowns, which are required to participate in the commencement ceremony in May. Additionally, if a student’s fees are not paid in full, Lemont High School will not issue an official transcript on his/her behalf.

All of a student’s fees – including academic and extra-curricular fees, both from the current year and previous years – must be paid in full for the student to be eligible to participate in an extra-curricular activity, receive a parking permit, participate in 'Behind the Wheel' Driver Education training, and obtain a yearbook.

Paying Student Fees

Fees Assessed to Outside Users

Lemont High School District 210 respects the partnerships it has built with each community organization that uses its facilities. District 210 appreciates the opportunity to have built these facilities, and to provide them to its partners in the community.

Facility Rental Information

There are significant ongoing costs to provide the benefit of the school's facilities to the Lemont community, including general upkeep, repair, and over time, the complete replacement of fields, equipment and other facilities. Usage costs, such as utilities and personnel, also place a burden on District 210.

The fees associated with renting District 210's facilities reflect the standards established by other area high schools. All users - except Lemont High School organizations or those with intergovernmental contracts with the district - are assessed a facility usage fee. This fee is administered whether the facility is being used by an organization for practice or competition, and regardless of whether or not the organization charges an entrance fee to the event.