Student Fees Chart

Please consult the chart below to review Lemont High School's student fees for the 2022-23 school year.

General Fee $210 Yes*
Instructional Resource Fee $143 Yes
Technology Fee $85 Yes**
Out-of-District Registration Fee $50 Yes
Part-Time Student Registration Fee $50 Yes
Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fee (full list) Varies No
Cap & Gown/Diploma Fee $41 No
Diploma Fee $13 No
Yearbook* $27 N/A
Late AP Course Drop Fee $40 No
Returned Check Fee $4.50 No
Lost/Damaged Textbooks Varies No
Lost/Damaged Chromebook and/or Chromebook accessories (full list) Varies No
CITGO Innovation Academy Fines Varies No
COURSE FEES FEE Fee Waiver Eligible?
Advanced Placement Exam Fees $97 Fee reduced for qualifying students
Advanced Woods $150 Yes
Driver Education $175 Yes
Fine Arts Woodworking $75 Yes
Outdoor Education $119.60 Yes
Production Honors $150 Yes
Woods Technology I $75 Yes
Woods Technology II $150 Yes
Physical Education Package (uniform, lock, heart rate monitor maintenance fee) $35.75 Yes***
Physical Education Shorts (a la carte) $12 No
Physical Education T-Shirt (a la carte) $12 No
Physical Education Lock (a la carte) $5.50 No


* - Applies to additional yearbooks purchased, or ones that are purchased 'a la carte.' The cost of the yearbook is included in the General Fee, but is not covered by any fee waiver the school may provide a student and his/her family.

** - Families with more than one student attending Lemont High School will pay $85 for the first student and $40 for each additional student.

*** - The P.E. Package may be waived for eligible students one time during their tenure at Lemont High School, but only if the student has been awarded a fee waiver for the year the fee for a P.E. Package is assessed to the student. Replacement uniforms and P.E. locks are not eligible to be waived.