Lemont High School sees 58 students selected as Illinois State Scholars

Lemont High School sees 58 students selected as Illinois State Scholars

Lemont High School had 58 students selected as Illinois State Scholars by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC). Typically more than 20,000 students from across Illinois are honored with this prestigious award each year.

Illinois State Scholars honorees represent approximately the top 10 percent of the state’s high school seniors, representing nearly 750 high schools. Selection is based on SAT or ACT scores and class rank (if applicable) at the end of the student’s junior year. High school guidance counselors work with ISAC to determine the winners.

Illinois State Scholar recognition does not include a monetary award, but winners may use the distinction on applications for college admission and scholarships. Both students and their parents are encouraged to visit the ISAC website for more information about available college financial assistance programs.

Illinois Student Assistance Commission website

Lemont High School honorees this year include: Andrew Antczak, Mary Kate Arundel, Paulina Bartisius, Megan Bechtlofft, Nathaniel Bielanski, Caden Brennan, Matas Carmichael, Ryan Castigador, Calista Chaidez, Laina Chavarria, Sarah Cliff, Paige Connolly, Kelli Crispo, Angelo Custodio, Michael Doyle, Ania Fervil, Victoria Finwall, Karolina Gal, William Gorski, Andrew Grandsard, Dominic Grandsard, Nora Grubisic, Michael Haughey, Emma Held, Megan Hunt, Eryk Janowski, Connor Kirk, Brooke Kraft, John Krueger, Jessica Lilja, Luke LoGiurato, Nour Longi, Ryan Madera, Michael Malesza, Jennifer Martinez, Margaret Militello, Matthew Morley, Kaitlyn Nolan, Abigail Pacyga, Kelsi Padalia, Justin Paluch, Katelyn Parent, Shanay Patel, Leah Pengiel, Isabella Petkus, Isabella Pirie, Ethan Joell Ragasa, Karl Ramski, Amanda Rice, Emily Schlueter, Sophia Scribano, Gabriella Stoch, Amelea Swiderski, Aidan Tauer, Hannah Tubacki, Annika Wodziak, Ellie Woytek, Genna Yavaraski.

The Illinois Student Assistance Commission provides students of all ages and backgrounds with the resources and support to obtain financial aid for higher education. A state agency, ISAC has paved the path to postsecondary education with innovative programs for more than 60 years