Yavaraski wins regional title, Lemont advances three to IDEA State Competition

Yavaraski wins regional title, Lemont advances three to IDEA State Competition

Though the format was adjusted to accommodate remote competition, Lemont High School’s Technology Student Association advanced three entries to the state’s top drafting contest. At the Illinois Design Educators Association (IDEA) Regional, which was contested virtually and scored by Joliet Junior College, seniors Karl Ramski and Genna Yavaraski advanced in individual categories, while seniors Caden Brennan, Matas Carmichael and Michael Doyle moved on in team competition. The IDEA State Competition will be held virtually on April 16-17.

Yavaraski placed first to continue Lemont’s strong tradition in the Architectural Board division in regional competition. In that category, students are challenged to design and/or draw specified views, details or sections using provided materials, specifications and drawings. A Lemont student has won the regional in Architectural Board eight straight years, dating back to 2014.

Brennan, Carmichael and Doyle teamed for a runner-up finish in Engineering Design, in which a student “firm” of two or three students complete a presentation and project solution to sell their firm’s design to a client. Carmichael is the school’s first three-time state qualifier; he previously qualified individually in Introductory CAD and Assembly Modeling in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

Ramski placed third in Assembly Modeling, in which competitors model and subsequently assemble a number of parts using parametric constraint-based modeling programs.

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Jacob Wilk ‘18 is the school’s only two-time regional champion, having won the Architectural Board category in 2017 and 2018. Other regional winners have included Abigail Belsan ‘20 (Architectural Board, 2020), Jasmine Hornik ‘15 (Architectural Board, 2015), Tom Janik ‘14 (Assembly Modeling, 2014), Mark Kaminski ‘10 (Architectural Board, 2010), Szymon Krzeptowski-Mucha ‘13 (Architectural Board, 2012), Matt Lassak ‘16 (Architectural Board, 2016), Nick Lawrence ‘09 (3D Architectural CAD Modeling, 2009), Katie Lynch ‘14 (Architectural Board, 2014), Matt Milan ‘19 (Architectural Board, 2019), Kathy Sitko ‘10 (Introductory Board, 2010), Ryan Strauss ‘08 (3D Architectural CAD Modeling, 2008), and the team of Aaron Bromberek ‘18, Alex Fugiel ‘19 and Kendrick Tran ‘18 (Engineering Design, 2018).

Lemont’s top individual finisher at the IDEA State Competition was Sean Armbruster ‘09, who was the runner-up in the 3D Architectural CAD Modeling category in 2009. Additionally, Bromberek, Fugiel and Tran earned a runner-up finish in Engineering Design in 2018. Lassak is the school’s only two-time state medalist, having placed third in Architectural Board in 2015 and 2016. Lemont’s other state medalists have included Hornik (3rd, Architectural Board, 2015), Milan (3rd, Architectural Board, 2019), Wilk (3rd, Architectural Board, 2018), Dan Garczek ‘16 (3rd, 3D Architectural CAD Modeling, 2016) and Adam Popper ‘17 (3rd, Introductory CAD, 2015). 

Under the tutelage of teacher Scott Duensing, Lemont has had at least one IDEA state qualifier in 13 of 14 years. It has earned multiple medals in state competition three times, with a high of three state medals in 2015. It advanced a school-record five entries to state competition in 2020, but that year’s state competition was cancelled due to COVID-19.