LNS@LHS: Lemont High School set to advance to a 1:1 environment in Fall 2017

After years of careful planning and thoughtful preparation, Lemont High School is excited to announce that its 1:1 teaching and learning program - LNS@LHS - will be fully implemented during the 2017-18 school year. Each Lemont High School student will be issued a Chromebook, and that technology resource will enhance academic opportunities across the school’s curriculum.

“Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process,” Lemont High School District 210 Superintendent Dr. Mary Ticknor said. “The students we serve today and in the future are digital natives who use personal technology in almost every aspect of their lives. Leveraging the endless opportunities for student engagement in a 1:1 environment supports our mission of helping students to become life-long, independent learners and productive citizens in a rapidly changing world.”

LNS@LHS - which stands for “Learning Never Stops at Lemont High School” - is the culmination of several years of work both by faculty and administrators. Within a 1:1 learning environment, Lemont High School students will:

  • Use digital technologies and social media as tools for organization, communication, research and problem solving.
  • Exercise digital citizenship as they leverage technology to access, evaluate, use and manage information.
  • Facilitate collaboration, creativity and innovation through personalized, student-centered learning experiences.

A 1:1 environment will prepare students to thrive in a digitally interconnected world where learning never stops.

Since May 2014, a committee consisting of faculty, staff and administrators has been tasked with taking the appropriate steps to make a 1:1 environment at Lemont High School a reality. School districts across the country have been implementing similar technology initiatives for years.

A variety of devices were piloted over multiple years before the committee settled upon the Chromebook as the device that will best allow for digitized instructional design. The most valuable feedback on this decision came from an important faction: students themselves.

The Lemont High School Educational Foundation (LHSEF) was a catalyst in this project, supporting teacher grants of approximately $75,000 that allowed the school to acquire several classroom sets of Chromebooks. 

In Fall 2015, Lemont High School became a “Google school” after adopting Google Apps for Education (GAFE). Students began using Gmail at the beginning of the school year, and all faculty and staff e-mail accounts were migrated to Gmail in Spring 2016. GAFE recently was rebranded as G Suite for Education; this set of applications provides unparalled opportunities for collaboration among students and their teachers.

Over the last two summers, the school’s technological infrastructure has been significantly upgraded so that 1,400 or more devices can be supported on a day-to-day basis. Wiring and bandwidth all have been upgraded to appropriate levels, and the school’s wireless network was revamped to support 1:1 teaching and learning.

A sometimes forgotten component in a 1:1 environment, Lemont High School has invested significant time in professional development activities for its faculty and staff. From site visits to schools with thriving 1:1 environments, to attending conferences and workshops, to peer-to-peer training during Institute Day activities, Lemont High School’s faculty and staff have dedicated thousands of hours to prepare to teach in an environment where every student has a mobile device at his or her disposal.

Lemont High School soon will be providing more information to stakeholders on the “LNS@LHS” program. A section on the school’s website will be dedicated to the program, and the school will host a town hall event in the second semester. A brief “Q&A” has been included below as well.

Q & A

Will there be a cost to parents?
Yes. Parents/guardians are expected to share in a portion of the cost of the Chromebook. In the coming months, the Board of Education is expected to approve an increase in student fees to help offset the cost of acquiring the Chromebooks. This increase is expected to be less than $100 per year. Student fees have remained flat for several years. A reallocation of existing budgetary funds is allowing the school's budget to cover a larger portion of the total cost of the program.

What information is stored on the Chromebook?
Lemont High School takes appropriate measures to ensure the security of its student data. Google, which hosts the G Suite for Education, has systems that are among the most secure in the world. Chromebooks are designed with multiple layers of security to maintain their safety from viruses, malware and tampering. All students are issued Google accounts through the school, and using their unique log-in information, can log into any Chromebook or Chrome browser and find all of their apps, bookmarks and frequently visited Web pages thanks to Chrome Sync. Any personally identifiable data is used to power features for the person who has logged in. Google aggregates data from millions of users to improve the services it provides, but completely removes information about individual users. Please click here for more information on how student data is protected on Chromebooks.

Will my student take the device home?
Yes. Once issued a Chromebook, a student will have the device at his or her disposal at all times as long as he or she is enrolled at Lemont High School. Students are expected to bring their Chromebooks to school, fully charged, each day.

What if my student forgets his or her Chromebook at home or fails to charge the Chromebook before coming to school?
The school will maintain a limited inventory of Chromebooks that can be checked out on a one-day basis in these situations.

Who will own the device?
Lemont High School will lease the Chromebooks and maintain full management over all student devices. 

Can my student use his/her own device instead of the Chromebook?
No. To provide a consistent and well managed teaching and learning experience, students will be expected to use the Chromebook issued by the school.

Will you have more information for us soon?
Yes! Additional information soon will be made available to students and their parents/guardians on the school’s website. Additionally, Lemont High School will be hosting a “town hall” event in the second semester.