Parents/guardians, students, visitors, faculty and staff are reminded that Lemont High School is a "cell phone free zone" for individuals operating motor vehicles, and that using an electronic communication device to compose, send or read an electronic message while operating a motor vehicle is prohibited on Illinois roads.

According to Illinois State Law:

  • "A person may not operate a motor vehicle on a roadway while using an electronic communication device to compose, send, or read an electronic message. 'Electronic message' includes, but is not limited to, electronic mail, text messages, instant messages, or a command or request to access an Internet site." (P.A. 096-0130) Electronic communication devices may be used in hands-free or voice-activated mode.
  • "A person, regardless of age, may not use a wireless telephone at any time while operating a motor vehicle on a roadway in a school speed zone." (P.A. 096-0131)

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Additional Transportation Information

Bus Transportation

General education bus transportation is provided for all students who live 1.5 miles or more from school. School and bus rules must be observed at all times for the safety of all occupants. While en route to or from school, students are considered to be in school. Appropriate conduct is expected, and rule infractions are reported to the deans.

Parents/guardians annually complete a transportation survey as part of registration. At that time, parents/guardians indicate whether their children are eligible for, and will utilize, bus transportation during the upcoming school year.

Bus Routes

Bus drivers are considered to be part of the school staff, and students are expected to be respectful to them. All students must follow the district’s School Bus Safety Guidelines. Gross disobedience or misconduct that provides grounds for suspension from riding the school bus includes:

  • Prohibited student conduct as defined in the Student Code of Conduct
  • Willful injury to a bus driver or to another rider
  • Willful and/or repeated defacement of the bus
  • Repeated use of profanity
  • Repeated willful disobedience of the bus driver’s or other supervisor’s directives
  • Such other behavior as the administration deems to threaten the safe operation of the bus and/or its occupants

The district’s regular suspension procedures shall be used to suspend a student’s privilege to ride a school bus. Vandalism of bus seats and other property will result in financial assessment and disciplinary action. Students should be ready to display identification cards when boarding buses.

Personal Vehicles

Students who find it necessary to drive to school are expected to comply with the following school regulations:

  • All vehicles must be registered in the Main Office (Parking Permit Application).
  • In order to be issued a parking permit, all student drivers must have a valid driver's license and current auto insurance, and must pay the non-refundable permit fee.
  • All of a student’s fees – including academic and extra-curricular fees, both from the current year and previous years – must be paid in full for the student to receive a parking permit. A student’s parking privileges may be suspended during the year if he/she has an unpaid fee balance.
  • Students must display a Lemont High School parking permit and park within marked spaces in areas designated for students
  • Students are to vacate their cars immediately upon arriving on campus; loitering in the parking lot before or after school is prohibited.

Failure to comply with these regulations may result in a police referral (ticket), loss of parking privileges and/or other disciplinary action if the circumstances warrant.

Parking in areas other than the student parking lot is prohibited. Parking on adjacent residential streets is prohibited. 

A student whose car is parked in the student parking lot will not be allowed to leave the campus during the school day except with an official permit to leave. Students are not allowed to return to the parking lot during the school day for any reason, unless they have written permission from the Dean’s Office.

Students must observe the traffic laws and ordinances of the State of Illinois and the Village of Lemont.

Students shall have no expectation of privacy in vehicles brought on to school property. All vehicles are subject to search and inspection by designated school personnel or police if deemed necessary by the administration. Additional regulations are found on the parking permit application.

Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up

In order to ensure student safety and diminish traffic congestion, parents/guardians should adhere to the following guidelines when dropping off or picking up students at Lemont High School.

Students should be dropped only at one of the following three locations:

  • Porter Street - Students should be dropped off east of the main (i.e., Archway) entrance. Parents/guardians are asked to pull as far forward (towards Catherine Street) as possible in order to prevent traffic from backing up into the Porter Street/Julia Street intersection.
  • Julia Street - Students should be dropped off only at the south Julia Street entrance (just past the entrance near the parking garage). Parents/guardians are asked not to stop in the middle of the street or to drop students off from the left lane. Dropping off students at the Julia Street/Porter Street intersection is prohibited.
  • Performing Arts Center - Parents/guardians may enter campus via Alumni Drive (off of McCarthy Road), drop students off at the Performing Arts Center entrance, and exit to the north via Julia Street.

Students should be picked up only at one of the following three locations:

  • North Parking Lot - Parents/guardians are asked not to arrive on campus before school ends to park on Porter Street; this space is reserved for buses. Parents/guardians who pick up their students in the North Parking Lot may exit the campus via either Porter Street or Catherine Street. Traffic will be halted to allow for buses to exit.
  • West Parking Lot -  Parents/guardians are asked not to arrive on campus before school ends to park on Julia Street; this creates congestion. Parents/guardians may exit the west entrance of the West Lot and drive either north or south via Grant Street.
  • Performing Arts Center Lot - Parents/guardians may enter campus via Alumni Drive (off of McCarthy Road) or Julia Street and exit to the north via Julia Street. Vehicles are prohibited from entering the Parking Garage after picking up students in the Performing Arts Center Lot. There is no double parking allowed in this lot.