Academic Integrity Practices

Lemont High School believes in academic success achieved solely by demonstrating integrity, honesty and ethical behaviors in all academic pursuits. This is accomplished through the cooperation of students, parents/guardians and teachers.

Academic dishonesty is using a person’s work, concepts, designs, ideas, research or documentation without giving proper credit to the source. It goes beyond plagiarism to also include lying, cheating, using or providing unauthorized materials in preparation for or during an exam/test/quiz, and other acts, such as theft or falsification of records and files.

A teacher’s professional judgment guides the implementation of the school’s Academic Integrity Practices. The teacher is responsible for setting academic expectations, explaining the consequences of violating these practices, evaluating any evidence of student misconduct in the light of these practices, and determining whether a student has violated these practices. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a sensible manner and not give the teacher cause to consider their actions a violation of the Academic Integrity Practices.

In order for the Academic Integrity Practices to be effective, teachers, parents/guardians and students must understand, accept and share responsibilities.