Graduation Requirements

Lemont High School students are encouraged to plan their courses of study carefully. Many post-secondary institutions have specific requirements that students must meet in order to gain admission.

Students are required to accumulate 26 credits in order to graduate from Lemont High School. One-half credit is earned upon successful completion of a subject that meets for one semester. The successful completion of a course that meets for a full year is worth one credit. There are some exceptions to this general rule.

Specific requirements within subject clusters are required among the 26 credits.

Required Credits by Subject

Communications - 6.0 credits

Required: English I (1.0), English II (1.0), English III (1.0), English IV (1.0), Communications (0.5) and 1.5 credits of electives 

Social/Cultural - 4.5 credits

Required: Human Geography or equivalent (1.0), U.S. History (1.0), American Government (0.5), American Problems (0.5), Consumer Education or equivalent (0.5) and 1.0 credits of electives

Scientific/Quantitative/Technological - 8.0 credits

Required: Mathematics* (3.0), Science (2.0), Technology Concepts (0.5) and 2.5 credits of electives 
(* - State mandates require this must include one course with Geometry content and one with Algebra I content)

Creative - 2.0 credits

Required: 2.0 credits of electives

Health and Leisure - 4.5 credits

Required: Physical Education (4.0 credits - 3.5 for early graduates), Health (0.5), Driver Education (0.5)

Other Electives - 1.0 credits

Required: 1.0 credits of electives