Lemont Time

Lemont Time is a new program that will begin in Fall 2023 and is intended to increase students’ sense of belonging to Lemont High School and foster a school culture of respect and acceptance. 

Lemont Time is a school safety measure, as we believe students who are accepted and respected and who feel like they belong to a school are less likely to commit violence there.

Groups of students within the same grade level will be assigned to a teacher and will meet for 30 minutes on most Wednesdays during the school year. Lemont Time students and teachers will stay together throughout the students’ high school years. In rare situations under extenuating circumstances, a student’s Lemont Time assignment may change.

Lemont Time is designed to reduce anonymity, give students a home base, and ensure all students have a connection with at least one adult at Lemont High School. Additionally, Lemont Time is intended to support students’ motivation and value for academic work and promote higher expectations for academic success.

2023-24 School Year

Introductory Information