Technology Use Expectations

Lemont High School's Technology Use Expectations pertain to all students, faculty and staff who utilize any of the school's technology resources. This information also is available in the Student Handbook.

Section I - Acceptable Use

The intent of this section is to ensure that ALL uses of the district’s computer network are consistent with the district’s mission statement, strategic plan and Lemont High School graduation criteria. Such access serves as a natural extension of the educational lessons learned within the classroom by:

  • Providing access to educational resources and reference materials.
  • Reinforcing the specific subject matter taught.
  • Requiring the use of critical thinking skills.
  • Promoting tolerance for diverse views.
  • Teaching socially appropriate forms of civil discourse and expression.

These expectations do not attempt to define ALL required or prohibited behavior by users, but rather an operating framework for the user to follow. Each user MUST exercise good judgment and appropriate conduct. For purposes of these expectations, the district’s “computer network” includes all the district’s computers and peripheral equipment (including, but not limited to, telephones and fax machines), the District’s local and/or WiFi network, and access to the Internet through district computers or the district’s local and/or WiFi network.

Section 2 - Opportunities and Risks of Computer Network Use

Lemont High School believes the value of information, interaction and benefits that access to the district’s computers and the Internet offers far outweighs the potential hazards of its use, and that more would be lost by not providing its students, faculty and staff access to this technology and information.

An inherent risk of making these global network resources available is that some users might encounter sources that could be considered controversial or inappropriate. Because global information resources are transitory and uncontrolled, the school cannot predict or totally control what users may or may not locate. The District has chosen, on a “best effort” basis, to limit access only to educationally appropriate resources to users while on campus. This “best effort” basis would include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Staff supervision
  • Security software
  • User training

Lemont High School does not support or condone access to educationally inappropriate resources and does not limit Internet access to any district computer when used off campus. Users MUST utilize good judgment when accessing global information resources and be wary of the integrity and content of the information resources, regardless of the source of the technology.

The district may provide students with a student e-mail account that can be accessed through any computer with Internet access. The district may review all files, including electronic communications, that are created on, stored on or sent to, from or via the computer network. The district reserves the right to participate and cooperate fully in any investigation requested or undertaken by either law enforcement authorities or a party alleging to have been harmed by the use of the district’s computer network. Evidence of illegal activity may be reported or turned over to appropriate authorities.

No use of the district’s computer network is guaranteed to be error-free and totally dependable, therefore it cannot be held liable for any unforeseen difficulties that may arise. The district cannot be held accountable for information that is retrieved through the use of technology.

Section 3 - User Conduct and Responsibilities

Guidelines for access to the district’s computer network within this document apply to ALL students, administrators, faculty, staff and other employees of the district. These guidelines are not all-inclusive. A user who commits any act of misconduct not specified may also be subject to disciplinary action. Disciplinary actions are consistent with district policies governing such behavior, such as its policy on student behavior and staff contacts. 

The district’s computer network is part of the educational curriculum and not intended to be used as a public forum for general use. Access to the computer network is a privilege - not a right - and carries with it responsibilities. ALL users of the district’s computer network are expected to abide by district policies and rules of behavior. These guidelines are provided here so that users are aware of the responsibilities that the use of technology places upon them. 

Users have the opportunity to access the district’s computer network for appropriate purposes only. Exercising that privilege requires that the user accept the responsibility for all material they access, view, download and/or produce, whether on or off campus. It is necessary for users to evaluate the validity of the information they access via the district’s computer network and acknowledge the source of information when appropriate. 

ALL users of the district’s computer network are representatives of Lemont High School and should act accordingly. 

Guidelines for acceptable use include, but are not limited to, the items listed below. 

Users will:

  • Use appropriate language.
  • Avoid offensive or inflammatory dialogue.
  • Adhere to copyright rules and assume that any software that they did not create is copyrighted (unless it is labeled “freeware” or “public domain”).
  • Not reveal any personal information (i.e., address, phone number, etc.) for themselves or others.
  • Note that e-mail is not guaranteed to be private. People who operate the school information systems do have authorized access to e-mail; others may have access if authorization has been provided by appropriate school personnel.
  • Use technology only for legal activities.
  • Be responsible at all times for proper use of their access privileges and avoid impersonation, anonymity or unauthorized sharing of security measures and/or their account(s).
  • Take responsibility for any technology-related activities that they borrow or are used under their account or password.
  • Maintain integrity of technological resources from viruses, physical abuse, potentially damaging messages, etc.
  • Respect the rights of others to utilize technological equipment by not utilizing it for non-school purposes.
  • Abide by any and all policies and procedures of networks, systems and information resources linked by and through school technology.

Misuse of the district’s computer network constitutes gross disobedience or misconduct and is unacceptable. Examples of this misuse are any that:

  • Disrupt the proper and orderly operation and discipline of the school.
  • Threaten the integrity or efficient operation of the district’s computer network.
  • Violate the rights of others.
  • Are socially inappropriate or inappropriate for a student’s age or maturity level.
  • Are primarily intended as an immediate solicitation of funds.
  • Are illegal or for illegal purposes of any kind.

Use of the district’s computer network for any unacceptable use will result in the suspension or revocation of computer network privileges, disciplinary action, and/or appropriate legal action.

Additional Expectations and Responsibilities Specific to Chromebook Use

  • Fully charged Chromebooks and personal listening devices (i.e., headphones, ear buds) must be brought to school daily.
  • Users must demonstrate responsible care for their Chromebooks and accompanying items, which includes following the manufacturer’s instructions for safe handling, storage and cleaning.
  • Permanent stickers, labels or other markings may not be affixed to Chromebooks. Users may, however, purchase a protective "skin" and personalize it appropriately.
  • Users may not disassemble any part of the Chromebook or attempt repairs; Chromebooks in need of repair or maintenance must be taken promptly to the LHS Help Desk (N300-1) and may not be serviced by a third party.
  • Chromebooks are on loan to users and are the property of Lemont High School.
  • Chromebooks must be returned in good condition to Lemont High School when so directed, along with styluses and power adapters.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for the full cost to replace lost or stolen Chromebooks and/or styluses and power adapters. Lost or stolen items should be promptly reported to the LHS Help Desk (N300-1).
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for the cost to replace cracked or broken screens.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for damage to Chromebooks caused by neglect or abuse.
  • Users should save documents to their Google Drive.
  • All school-installed software, applications and asset tags must remain on the Chromebook.
  • Users may install appropriate educational Chrome Web applications and extensions from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Additional software or applications may not be downloaded onto Chromebooks without prior permission from a school administrator.
  • Users must not attempt to alter the configuration of a Chromebook in any way.
  • Student use of Chromebooks is restricted to the individual to whom the Chromebook was issued; Chromebooks may not be loaned to other individuals or family members.
  • Chromebooks are subject to inspection by Lemont High School at any time without notice.
  • Passwords never should be shared.

Examples of district computer network misuse that will result in disciplinary action include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Using obscenities or inflammatory dialogue.
  • Taking any steps that threaten, or which may be reasonably interpreted to threaten, any person, group of persons, building or property with harm, regardless of whether the user intends to carry out such a threat.
  • Harassing other users.
  • Using another user’s account(s).
  • Misrepresenting one’s self as another user.
  • Violating the rights of others or their privacy and safety.
  • Accessing, viewing, downloading, displaying, transmitting, creating, or otherwise possessing or disseminating material that contains pornography, obscenity, or sexually explicit, pervasively lewd and vulgar, indecent or inappropriate language, text, sounds or visual depictions.
  • Accessing district blocked websites, via codes or other improper routes.
  • Using technology resources for personal business or commercial, private or personal financial gain, including gambling.
  • Vandalizing data, programs, networks or information resources.
  • Degrading or disrupting systems or equipment.
  • Damaging technology hardware or software - Students will be held financially responsible for intentional damage.
  • Spreading computer viruses.
  • Gaining unauthorized access to resources or entities.
  • Violating copyright laws or other intellectual property rights.
  • Using technology resources for illegal activities.
  • Accessing, using or possessing any material in a manner that constitutes or furthers fraud (including academic fraud), libel, slander, plagiarism or forgery.
  • Attempting to commit any action that would constitute an unacceptable use if accomplished successfully.

Violations of these guidelines and/or district policy will be dealt with seriously. Consequences may include, but are not limited to, loss of access to the district’s computer network. Users are subject to additional consequences as described in the district’s policies and regulations. Illegal activities may also result in referral to law enforcement officials.

Section 4 - District Responsibilities and Confidentiality

The district reserves the right to monitor and log the use of its technology and computer network, monitor network utilization by users, and examine user files and materials as needed. Therefore, users cannot expect absolute privacy from district personnel as it relates to the use of the district’s computer network. Users must recognize that there is no assurance of confidentiality with respect to access to transmissions and files, by persons outside or from persons inside Lemont High School. Lemont High School reserves the right to deny individual users access to specific technology as a consequence of misuse.

Section 5 - Disciplinary Actions

Failure to comply with these expectations and/or the regulations governing the use of the district’s computer network will result in disciplinary action. Lemont High School reserves the right to deny individual users access to the district’s computer network as a consequence of misuse.

Minimum action:

  • Staff/user conference or reprimand

Additional actions as deemed appropriate:

  • Staff/parent contact for student misuse
  • Referral to administration for student discipline
  • Loss of access to specific technology and/or designated areas for a minimum of three days to two weeks (Note: Multiple infractions may result in extended or permanent loss of technology privileges)
  • Confiscation of inappropriate item(s)
  • Restitution/restoration
  • Administrative and/or Board of Education action, including suspension and expulsion

Section 6 - Additional Rules and Actions

The Superintendent reserves the right to establish additional rules and take appropriate actions to implement these expectations.