May 2018 Students of the Month

Charity: Lemont High School's Special Olympics Team

Megan Bechtlofft

Megan Bechtlofft was selected as the Freshman Student of the Month by the Health Department. A high honor roll student, Megan says that she most enjoys Integrated Math II Honors and Spanish I. Megan already has been involved in a variety of activities. A percussionist in the Marching Band and Honors Symphonic Band, Megan was cited as the “Most Improved Dancer” on the varsity dance team, was a founding member of the girls’ badminton program, participated in the Spring Musical and is a member of the Student Council. She is described as an exceptional student who actively involves herself in class discussions and group work. She plans to stay involved in school activities while preparing herself academically for college. In her free time, she likes volunteering, serves as a Girl Scout, and loves music and dance.

Lea Gaetto
Driver Education

The Driver Education Department tabbed Lea Gaetto as the Sophomore Student of the Month. Lea is a high honor roll performer whose favorite classes include Integrated Math II Honors, English II Honors, AP Physics I and Physical Education. Described as an excellent student, she features an attitude that makes the classroom environment enjoyable. She demands the best of herself and is a major contributor to class discussions. She played varsity volleyball last fall and is a member of the Interact Club, Yearbook Club and Health Occupations Student Association. She is hoping to someday work in the medical field or as a teacher because both fields involve helping people. Lea serves as a lifeguard at Cypress Cove and plays travel volleyball.

Steven Blickhahn
Special Education

Steven Blickhahn was cited as the Junior Student of the Month by the Special Education Department. Steven is a high honor roll student who enjoys Physical Education, Life Skills, Resource, Physics and U.S. History. Steven is a member of both Breakfast Buddies and the An Evening Out Club, and is a three-year member of the Special Olympics team. He recently won his event at a regional competition to earn a berth to the Special Olympics State Games. He has greatly improved his ability to cope with changes and challenges in the school setting, and his creative imagination and sense of humor both serve him well. Steven is eager to get a job in school next year and ultimately hopes to live a happy, healthy life. In his free time, he enjoys Legos, video games, building models, drawing, being outside, and spending time with his family.

Mackenzie Schuit
Student Services

The Student Services Department picked Mackenzie Schuit as the Senior Student of the Month. Mackenzie is an honor roll student who most likes Studio Art IV because the class is very enjoyable. A member of the girls’ soccer team her first three years on campus, she twice was a member of a team that advanced to the IHSA State Finals. She also has been a member of the Interact Club. The Student Services Department applauds the academic, social and emotional growth Mackenzie has shown this year. She has assisted the department as an office aide and has matured into a responsible student who is prepared for life’s next steps. Mackenzie will attend Michigan State University next year, where she plans on majoring in business. In her free time, she works as a server at Butterfield Country Club.