January 2021 Students of the Month

Charity: Lemont Food Pantry

Krystian Bawiec

Krystian Bawiec was cited as the Freshman Student of the Month by the Health Department. Krystian is a high honor roll student who is most interested in STEM related classes and activities. He specifically enjoys Integrated Math II Honors, Orientation to Industrial Technology, Biology Honors and Concert and Marching Band. He is described as a diligent student who often contributes in class discussions. He is pleasant, polite, and respectful to his classmates and teachers. Active in the United States Tennis Association, Krystian plans on joining the school’s tennis team in the spring. He also is a member of Student Council and participates in Polish School. He hopes to pursue a career in civil engineering or computer science. Krystian enjoys ziplining, biking, traveling, computers and video games.
Caleb Bozue
Driver Education
The Driver Education Department tabbed Caleb Bozue as the Sophomore Student of the Month. A high honor roll performer, Caleb lists Integrated Math III Honors, Earth & Space Science and Food Preparation among his favorite classes. His teachers describe him as a hard worker who consistently strives to do his best. Focused and on task, he carries himself in a mature and respectful manner. In Driver Education class, it was clear he understood the importance of the class and the role it plays in his future as a driver. An award-winning math student, Caleb was an alter server for several years and a frequent volunteer at the Lemont Public Library. In the future, he plans on attending a college that fits his interests and helping others whenever he can. Caleb enjoys recreational sports, playing Wii with his family, Legos, and music.
Juliana Tomecki
Student Services

Juliana Tomecki was named the Junior Student of the Month by the Student Services Department. Juliana is a high honor roll student whose interests include English, history and fine arts. She is a member of Student Council, Drama Club, Link Crew, Student Advisory Committee, and the girls’ volleyball program, and has earned induction in Rho Kappa, National English Honor Society, National Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, and International Thespian Society. Juliana goes above and beyond to better herself, her school and her community, and is a natural leader who embodies kindness, compassion, work ethic, positivity and humility. She plans to pursue a career in Communications and/or Political Law. She enjoys music, writing and movies, and has appeared in many theater productions and independent films.
Joe Dillenburg
Special Education

The Special Education Department selected Joe Dillenburg as the Senior Student of the Month. A high honor roll student, Joe enjoys Woods I and Food Preparation and is excited to take Outdoor Education. He has been a member of the boys’ cross country and track and field programs, as well as the Robotics Club. Joe has made vast improvements in his education and social development, and carries with him the mindset that each day he wants to get better at something in his life. He is a leader among his peers, seeking out support for himself when needed, as well as advocating for his classmates when he sees them struggling. Joe plans on getting a job and will pursue studies at Wilco in the area of welding. He likes playing Minecraft and other games, as well as drawing and painting, and tries for everything to be fun - even homework.