Extra-Curricular Participation Fees

Lemont High School District 210 recognizes the important role extra-curricular activities play in the development of student values. All students are encouraged to participate in the school's extra-curricular program. There is a large expense associated with providing a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities for Lemont High School students.

District 210 administers Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees to students involved in any athletic activity. These fees offset a small portion of the costs associated with transportation, tournament entry fees, and coaching/sponsor stipends.

Students participating in most non-athletic extra-curricular activities are not assessed an Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fee. Instead, each student's General Fee - which is paid at registration in the fall - includes a standard fee that allows students to participate in as many non-athletic activities as they wish during the school year.

All Co-Curricular Activities are academic in nature and are based in the classroom. Participants in some Co-Curricular Activities are assessed fees, but those fees are not processed as Extra-Curricular Activity Participation Fees.