On November 8, 2022, Lemont High School District 210 residents will vote on a plan that will allow Lemont High School to address our facility needs in a sustainable and responsible way, modernize our school infrastructure, and improve learning environments for all students. Once implemented, this would not increase the annual debt service burden for taxpayers.


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Important Referendum Resources

Many of Lemont High School's once state-of-the-art facilities are outdated and in need of renovation.

We maintain our facilities well, but with our infrastructure aging, we’ve reached a point where we are having to make the difficult choice between addressing immediate facility needs and improving educational environments for our students.

Our kids deserve better.

If we are going to continue the tradition of excellence our community expects, Lemont High School needs improved facilities like those enjoyed by students in many of our surrounding districts. In order to implement a community informed facility improvement plan, a referendum will appear on the ballot in the upcoming November 8, 2022, election to increase the district’s debt service extension base to $5 million.

Once implemented, this would not increase the annual debt service burden for taxpayers while allowing the district to:

  • Sustainably and Responsibly Address Our Facility Needs
  • Modernize Our School Infrastructure
  • Improve Learning Environments for All Students