Lemont High School recognizes the important role that extra-curricular activities play in the development of student values. All students are encouraged to participate in the school’s extra-curricular program. The purpose of extra-curricular activities is to enhance the educational experience for each student, but a student’s first responsibility is to be successful in the classroom. 

Extra-curricular opportunities are available to each student. Any student who chooses to participate in an extra-curricular activity of any type is held accountable for his or her performance in the classroom, and acknowledges that all student fees must be paid in order for a student to be eligible to participate.

In order to keep the system of verifying eligibility manageable, IHSA guidelines for athletics are used as a basis for eligibility for all extra-curricular activities at Lemont High School.

Please consult the Activities Directory for a complete list of non-athletic extra-curricular activities and their sponsors.

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