"Promject Graduation"

Lemont High School's Class of 2021 will celebrate Prom AND Project Graduation when the school hosts "Promject Graduation" in May.

"Promject Graduation" will be held from 3-9 p.m. on Thursday, May 27, at The Forge (1001 Main Street, Lemont). Admission is limited to Lemont High School seniors. Tickets are $50 per person, and include food, music and adventure activities.

“Promject Graduation” will include elements of both Prom and Project Graduation. There will be an optional formal component for students who wish to dress up for the event, and all students will have the opportunity to take part in recreational opportunities available at The Forge.


  • All students must have a photo ID with them at "Promject Graduation." Absolutely no students will be admitted without a photo ID.
  • All students will be subject to a bag search upon entry, and no re-entry will be permitted for any reason. A place to check bags/change of clothes/etc. will be available at the event. Misconduct during this event can result in loss of graduation privileges.
  • A waiver must be completed on behalf of students who plan on participating in adventure activities (high ropes, ziplining, boats, etc.) at The Forge. Please click here to complete this waiver.