Board of Directors

The Lemont High School Educational Foundation (LHSEF) is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, all of whom contribute their time, energy and resources to provide additional educational opportunities for Lemont High School students. Members of the Board of Directors are elected to three-year terms, and are able to serve a maximum of two terms consecutively.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the LHSEF Board of Directors, contact LHSEF Liaison Tony Hamilton at (630) 243-3280, or via email by clicking on his name.

Current Board of Directors

Curtis Barndollar, President
Tony Cosenza, Vice President
Stephanie Kula, Secretary
Theresa Vasvery, Treasurer

Jaime Bardachowski
Betty Brown
Helen Dickson
Brooke Doescher
Denise Fisher-Kowalewicz
Kelly McGrath
Bryan Murray
John Parde
Stephanie Pensinger
Amanda Steck

District 210 Liaisons
Dr. Mary Ticknor, Superintendent
Lynn Antonopoulos, Board of Education
Tony Hamilton, Director of School and Community Relations

Past Members of the Board of Directors

Janette Acton
Lynn Antonopoulos
Debbie Arenberg
George Arnold
Yoriko Bacon
Darren Benson
Donna Brzezniak
Vicki Burton
Brian Cahill
Kathy Cliff
Teague Cliff
Pete Coules
Dr. Sandy Doebert (liaison)
Brenda Douglass
Jim Durham
Sam Forzley
Pat Gardner
Tricia Gikas
Paul Gorski
Brad Grcevic
Brad Groselak
Lindsey Kallai
Lori Kazich
Mark Kickels
Renée Koehler
Sue Konieczka
Kurt Korte
Michelle Krepps
Rick Kwasneski
Peggy Magdziarz
Linda Matthews
Don McKevitt
Al Meyer
Carlene Motto
Sue Murphy
Julio Padilla
Angela Paros Giannakopoulos
Chris Patterson
Beth Rendak
Rick Rimbo
Kate Rutledge
Janet Schatz
Cindy Schuit
Michelle Slater
Cindy Spinelli
Jennifer Splitt Krull
Mary Stieber
Heather Tomala
Dr. Donald Weber