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LHSEF awards more than $20,000 in 2009-10 Foundation Grants

The Lemont High School Educational Foundation has committed to supporting ten grants for nearly $22,000 for the 2009-10 school year. Grant proposals were submitted by Lemont High School faculty and staff, with the goal of enhancing educational opportunities for the school’s enrollment of nearly 1,500 students. The Foundation is funding in full or in part ten Educational Foundation Grants - for a total of $21,707 - with a stipulation that the funds provided for the projects must be used during the 2009-10 school year. Included among the 2009-10 Educational Foundation Grants are the following proposals:

• Advanced Placement Stream Research

• Advanced Placement U.S. History Writing Labs

• Breakfast Buddies

• Counseling Groups for Emotional Support

• Foreign Language Dictionaries

• Mission Possible

• “Nspiring” Students Through Technology

• Umbrellas for Peace

• Visiting Artist Hank Olenick

• We See College in YOUR Future 2.0

A complete description of these grants, with recipient information and the amount awarded, may be found on the subsequent page.

Lemont High School teachers submitted 15 proposals for 2009-10 Educational Foundation Grants, requesting more than $75,000.

The Foundation awarded its first grants in December 2007, and less than two years into its existence, has already committed to supporting more than $70,000 in grants for Lemont High School.

The Lemont High School Educational Foundation provides revenue and support to Lemont High School in order to enhance educational opportunities and enrich the overall experience for its students. The Foundation operates independently from the school, yet fosters the district’s ongoing and systemic efforts to attain the next level of success in all areas of a comprehensive high school education for all students.

The Foundation’s mission is to partner with the community to make lasting improvements to Lemont High School that will enhance the total educational experience for all of its students. Its desire is to fund and support programs and opportunities that aid students’ growth, both academically and as citizens of the Lemont community.

The Foundation is a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. All gifts to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent provided by the law.

2009-10 Educational Foundation Grants

“Advanced Placement Stream Research”

Funded at $1,353 — proposal by Karen Aleman

The environment is a continually changing world, and this grant will put Advanced Placement Environmental Science students in the field to participate in real world research. In both the fall and spring semesters, students will collect critical data on water quality at Camp Sagawau Nature Center in Lemont using chemical analysis kits and a colorimeter. The data provided by the students will be used by Department of Natural Resources scientists to assess environmental quality. Students will also study the stream’s biology by investigating micro invertebrate and plankton populations.

“Advanced Placement U.S. History Writing Labs”

Funded at $744 — proposal by Mike Pryor

The goal of this project, which will benefit all juniors enrolled in Advanced Placement U.S. History, is to increase the number of Lemont High School students who earn college credit by scoring either a “3,” “4” or “5” on the AP U.S. History Exam. A total of 24 lab sessions (before and after school) will be held to help improve students’ writing skills, which are put to the test on the AP U.S. History Exam, half of which is essay-based.

“Breakfast Buddies”

Funded at $1,575 — proposal by Joan Hamburger

Giving a chance for special needs students and their mentors to regularly come together, Breakfast Buddies is a successful program that benefits two unique groups of students. Held before school on Wednesdays, Breakfast Buddies attracts 25 students weekly. Students with disabilities gain confidence and acceptance, helping to make them feel more a part of the Lemont High School community, while their peer mentors gain expertise in working with individuals with handicaps of all kinds and are given college recommendations based on their work.

“Counseling Groups for Emotional Support”

Funded at $635 — proposal by the Guidance Department

High school students deal with a number of stressful issues, which can affect their attendance, behavior and performance in the classroom. This grant will establish a positive support network for students in order to help them address issues - including loss, divorce and substance abuse - that impact their lives. The goal of this program, which will meet on Wednesday mornings, is to reduce the number of behavioral interventions and absences, and to increase student success in the classroom.

“Foreign Language Dictionaries”

Funded at $2,650 — proposal by Jan Casolari, Christie LeCompte, Anne Marie Majerczyk, Roy Nees and Ann Rodriguez-Baltrum

In an effort to enhance literacy in the target languages, this grant provides two classroom sets (50 copies) of the Langenscheidt Spanish/English dictionary, and one classroom set (25 copies) of the Langenscheidt German/English dictionary. The dictionaries will be available for immediate, in-class use, pushing students in their progression toward fluency and comprehension in their chosen language. Students will become increasingly prepared for real-life experiences in their target languages through vocabulary enhancement without the constraints of teacher-directed instruction.

“Mission Possible”

Funded at $1500 — proposal by Dave Clark

The primary aim of the student-led Mission Possible organization is to make Lemont High School a better place by, among other ideals, honoring and respecting the rights of others and encouraging all members of the school community to take responsible actions. Mission Possible sponsors a number of activities annually, ranging from Hometown Heroes Night and Red Ribbon Week, to Winter Spirit Week and the Senior Citizen Spring Social, among others. Materials for these events will be funded through the grant.

“‘Nspiring’ Students Through Technology”

Funded at $8,500 — proposal by Leslie Ebersold, Erin Hitchcock and Carol Nenne

The goal of this project is to give Lemont High School students the opportunity to utilize the most current technology to enhance their experience in mathematics. The grant will fund one classroom set of 30 innovative Texas Instruments TI-Nspire handheld calculators, computer software, and the necessary training for department teachers. Using the calculators and the associated Connect-to-Class software, teachers will be able to send files to and receive files from the calculators, which will allow for the calculators to be used for both instruction and assessment.

“Umbrellas for Peace”

Funded at $1,000 — proposal by Ryan Hennebry and Jerry Vanderschoot

With the goal of spreading the message of peace, hope and love through art, this project will involve approximately 100 students enrolled in the school’s Art III and Art IV courses and its Deaf & Hard of Hearing students. The students will create umbrellas, which will be displayed at an afternoon reception with artist Matt Lamb, who first originated the concept eight months after the tragedy of September 11, 2001. The students’ work will be hung from the ceiling in the lobby of the school’s Performing Arts Center, and Lamb will speak to students and the community at the reception.

“Visiting Artist Hank Olenick”

Funded at $250 — proposal by Linda Berck

Visiting artist Hank Olenick will hold two workshops during the school day that will benefit the approximately 45 students enrolled in the school’s Ceramics course. Olenick will demonstrate a variety of techniques, and students will benefit by working alongside a talented and well respected artist in their area of study.

“We See College in YOUR Future 2.0”

Funded at $3,500 — proposal by Kathy Brockett

Aiding students on the cusp of achieving a composite ACT score to qualify them for a four-year college or university, this grant will cover half the cost of the ExcelEdge ACT 36 prep course for 30 students. The eight-week course is designed to help students become familiar with the ACT and provide them with test taking strategies to help them achieve a higher ACT score. The goal is to increase the scores of the targeted students to at least 18, which not only will make them eligible for entry to a four-year college or university, but also help the school in its goal of having 85 percent of all its seniors reach that goal by June 2010.